Shobha Ram Kumawat

Shobha Ram Kumawat (7 January 1914[1] – 23 March 1984[citation needed]) was an Indian independence activist[citation needed] and politician from Rajasthan, India. He was a member of the 1st Lok Sabha and the 2nd Lok Sabha.

Early life and education

Shobha Ram Kumawat was born in Kathumar, Alwar State, British India.[citation needed]. Shobha Ram Kumawat's father's name is Buddha Ram Kumawat. He got his education from Raj Rishi College, Alwar and Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur. Kumawat was married on December 12, 1932 to Ram Pyari Kumawat.[1]

Political career

Kumawat was the first and only chief minister of the United States of Matsya, serving from its formation on 18 March 1948 until it was merged into the United State of Rajasthan on 15 May 1949.[2][3] Following that he was the first Revenue Minister of the Rajasthan government from 1949 to 1950.[1] In 1952 he was elected as a member of the 1st Lok Sabha for the Alwar Lok Sabha constituency. He was elected again in 1957 for the 2nd Lok Sabha[1] but lost his chair in 1962 in the elections for the 3rd Lok Sabha.[4] Following that he was member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly on the fourth (1967–72) and fifth (1972–77) assemblies.[citation needed]

Kumawat also served as the head of the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee.[when?][5]

Political offices held


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