Rust (upcoming film)

Directed byJoel Souza
Screenplay byJoel Souza
Story by
Produced by
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Matt DelPiano
  • Ryan Donnell Smith
  • Anjul Nigam
  • Ryan Winterstern
  • Nathan Klingher
CinematographyHalyna Hutchins
CountryUnited States
Budget$6–7 million[1][2]

Rust is an upcoming American Western film written and directed by Joel Souza. It stars Alec Baldwin, Travis Fimmel, Brady Noon, Frances Fisher, and Jensen Ackles. In October 2021, production was suspended indefinitely after a firearms shooting incident, in which cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed when a gun used as a prop was fired by Baldwin; director Souza was wounded by the same projectile.


In 1880s Kansas, outlaw Harland Rust rescues his thirteen-year-old grandson Lucas, who has been sentenced to hang for murder after an accidental shooting. Now fugitives, the pair have to outrun U.S. Marshal Wood Helm and bounty hunter Fenton "Preacher" Lang.[3][4]




In May 2020, it was announced that Alec Baldwin would produce and star in Rust, a Western based on a story he created with writer and director Joel Souza.[3] Baldwin told The Hollywood Reporter that he was elated to work with Souza after missing the opportunity to star in Crown Vic (2019). He compared the screenplay to the film Unforgiven (1992), and said it was inspired by a true story. When asked about his gun slinging and horse riding skills, he said: "They're always at the ready. I'm an actor of the old school. So if you read my resume – my motorcycle riding, my French, juggling, my horseback riding, my gunplay – is all right at my fingertips at all times."[5]

Rust was being produced on a $6–7 million budget and has been described as a "passion project" for Baldwin. The film's distribution rights were sold for $2 million during the pre-production phase.[6][7] Travis Fimmel, Brady Noon, and Frances Fisher joined the cast in September 2021,[8] with Jensen Ackles being cast the following month.[9] As a result of the low budget, the production had limited resources and a tight filming schedule of 21 days.[6][10] Filming began in New Mexico on October 6, 2021.[11]

Shooting incident

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