2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election

2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election

← 2016 27 March – 29 April 2021 (292 seats)
2026 →

292 out of 294 seats in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly
148 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Ms. Mamata Banerjee, in Kolkata on July 17, 2018 (cropped) (cropped).JPG Dilip Ghosh.jpg Unknown person.jpg
Leader Mamata Banerjee Dilip Ghosh Nawsad Siddique
Alliance AITC+ NDA Sanjukta Morcha
Leader since 1998 2015 2020
Leader's seat Nandigram(lost)[2] Did not Contest Bhangar[1]
Last election 44.91% votes
211 seats
10.16 % votes
3 seats
0 seats
Seats before 211 3 0
Seats won 213 77 1
Seat change Increase2 Increase 74 Increase1
Popular vote 28,735,420 22,850,710 813,489
Percentage 47.94 % 38.13% 1.35 %
Swing Increase3.03 % Increase27.97% Increase1.35 %

  Fourth party Fifth party
  Unknown person.jpg Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury official portrait.jpg
Leader Surjya Kanta Mishra Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury
Party CPI (M) INC
Alliance Sanjukta Morcha Sanjukta Morcha
Leader since 2015 2020
Leader's seat Did not contest Did not contest
Last election 19.75% votes
26 seats
12.25 % votes
44 seats
Seats before 26 44
Seats won 0 0
Seat change Decrease26 Decrease44
Popular vote 2,837,276 1,757,131
Percentage 4.73% 2.92 %
Swing Decrease15.02% Decrease9.33 %

West bengal result 2021.svg
Map of the election results

India West Bengal Legislative Assembly Elections Elections 2021.svg
Seats won in West Bengal Legislative Assembly

Chief Minister before election

Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister after election

Mamata Banerjee

General election to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal for 292 constituencies of the 294 constituencies in West Bengal were held between 27 March to 29 April 2021 in 8 phases.[3] Voting for 2 remaining constituencies was delayed and are scheduled to be held on 16 May 2021.[4]


Electoral system

Outlined in Article 168 of the Constitution of India, the West Bengal Legislative Assembly is the only house of the unicameral legislature of West Bengal and not a permanent body and subject to dissolution.[5] The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is five years from the date appointed for its first sitting unless dissolved sooner. Members of the Legislative Assembly are directly elected by the people. The tenure of current West Bengal Legislative Assembly is scheduled to end on 30 May 2021.[6]

Previous general election

In the previous elections in 2016, the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC or TMC) retained its majority in the Legislative Assembly with 211 seats. The Indian National Congress won 44 seats and the Left Front won 33 seats fighting within an alliance. While the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha managed to win only 3 seats each of the total 294 seats.[7]

Political developments

In the 2019 general elections AITC won 22 and the BJP won 18 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal.[8] Bagging 40 percent of the vote share, an increase from the previous time and in by-elections from 2016 to 2021, BJP had also increased their seats in the legislative assembly by 31 as of 2021 through defections from TMC, Congress and Left leaders.[9] According to various political analysts, the shifting of left and other opposition voters towards the BJP caused the meteoric rise in BJP's vote share.[10][11][12]

Political issues


The COVID-19 pandemic became an election issue.[13][14] The Government of West Bengal was accused of "fudging" the count of positive cases and deaths in the regions.[15] The AITC-led state government and BJP-led union government blamed each other for the surge in COVID-19 infections over the course of the campaign.[16]

The BJP accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of not having attended COVID-19 emergency management meetings held during the months of election campaigning, despite the advent of the second wave of infections.[17]

Cyclone Amphan

Post Cyclone Amphan situation of Deshbandhu park in Kolkata.

In May 2020, Cyclone Amphan hit the state a year before elections.[18][13] After the passing away of the cyclone, widespread allegations of mismanagement[19] and relief scam were seen.[20][21] Protest broke out in various district of the state over these allegations.[22][23] The opposition made it an election issue ahead of the Assembly polls.[24][25]

Citizenship, immigration and refugee issues

In 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Union Government passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA) in the Indian Parliament, promising citizenship to immigrants and refugees belonging from the religious minorities in Bangladesh and hoping to provide them with rehabilitation.[9][26] The BJP's Bengali booklet released in January 2020 claimed that the National Register of Citizens will be implemented to identify allegedly undocumented illegal Muslim immigrants, but religiously persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Parsi and other religious minorities will be "shielded" by the Citizenship Amendment Act.[27][28]

Other issues

Polarisation amongst various religious, linguistic and caste communities are also likely to play a role in this election.[29] Both TMC and BJP have promised schemes for various communities.[30][31] Although previously mobilized by Left governments against elites under the 'class' narrative, the Dalits of West Bengal have started asserting their identity politically.[32][33][34] Religious polarization is particularly intense in districts bordering Bangladesh such as North 24 Parganas. Arguments regarding who are native to the state and constituencies are also likely to impact the elections.[35][36][37] Rebellion and dissatisfaction of many Trinamool leaders are also likely to impact the elections.[38] Also, from 1 December 2020, the Government of West Bengal has started a scheme of Duare Sarkar, to provide all the major schemes of Government like Swasthya Sathi, Khadya Sathi etc. and got a very high response.[39][40]


The Chief Election Commissioner, Sunil Arora holding a press conference to announce the schedule for Legislative Assembly election of West Bengal along with Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry, in New Delhi on February 26, 2021. The Election Commissioners, Sushil Chandra and Rajiv Kumar and the senior officials of ECI are also seen.

Election schedule were announced on 26 February 2021 and the election was held in 8 phases from 27 March 2021 to 29 April 2021 and votes will be counted on 2 May 2021.[41][42] Due to polling abnormalities, re-polling for the booth number 88 of Jangipara was held in the fourth phase.[43] The elections in Jangipur and Samserganj were adjourned due to the death of the Congress candidate in Samserganj and RSP candidate in Jangipur.[44] A new schedule for the election in these two seats were announced and the polling will be held on 13 May 2021.[45] However, due to the day being Eid, the voting day was again rescheduled for 16 May.[46]

Poll Event Phase
Map of constituencies and their phases
West Bengal Legislative Assembly General Election 2021 -Phase wise.svg
No. of Constituencies 30 30 31 44 45 43 34 35 2
Date of Issue of Notification 2 March 2021 5 March 2021 12 March 2021 16 March 2021 23 March 2021 26 March 2021 31 March 2021 31 March 2021
Last Date for filling nomination 9 March 2021 12 March 2021 19 March 2021 23 March 2021 30 March 2021 3 April 2021 7 April 2021 7 April 2021 26 April 2021[a]
Scrutiny of nomination 10 March 2021 15 March 2021 20 March 2021 24 March 2021 31 March 2021 5 April 2021 8 April 2021 8 April 2021 27 April 2021[a]
Last Date for Withdrawal of nomination 12 March 2021 17 March 2021 22 March 2021 26 March 2021 3 April 2021 7 April 2021 12 April 2021 12 April 2021 29 April 2021[a]
Date of Poll 27 March 2021 1 April 2021 6 April 2021 10 April 2021 17 April 2021 22 April 2021 26 April 2021 29 April 2021 16 May 2021[46]
Date of Counting of Votes 2 May 2021 19 May 2021[4]
Source: Election Commission of India

Parties and alliances

  Trinamool Congress & Allies

Map of the seat sharing arrangements of the All India Trinamool Congress for the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election.

Both factions of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) expressed support to Trinamool Congress for the assembly election.[49] Trinamool Congress allotted three seats in the Darjiling to GJM, However the two factions of GJM, namely Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (Bimal) and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (Tamang) declared to field their candidates in each of the three seats.[50] Shiv Sena also endorsed Trinamool for the election.[51] Trinamool Congress supported Independent candidate in Joypur after their candidate's nomination got cancelled.[52][53]

Party Symbol Leader Contesting Seats
All India Trinamool Congress AITC All India Trinamool Congress symbol.svg Mamata Banerjee 290
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha GJM Unrecognised Bimal Gurung

Binoy Tamang

Independent N/A 1

  Sanjukta Morcha

On 28 January 2021 Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury announced that seat-sharing talks between the Congress and Left Front had concluded for 193 seats and that the remaining 101 seats would be decided at a later point.[54][55] Out of the 193 seats agreed upon by 28 January, 92 went to Congress and 101 to the Left Front.[54] These 193 seats included agreements over all the 77 seats the Congress and Left Front had won in the 2016 election.[54] Left Congress and ISF announced that they will fight together in an alliance named as 'Sanyukta Morcha' from Brigade Rally on 28 February 2021.[56] (It is worth mentioning here that Abbas had also sought an alliance with the TMC, before becoming part of the “Sanjukta Morcha”, with the Congress and Left parties.[57]) ISF initially claimed that they have secured 30 seats from the Left Front's quota.[58] After the final seat sharing agreement was concluded, it was announced that the Left Front will contest on 165 seats, Congress will contest on 92 seats and ISF will contest on 37 seats.[59][60]

Left Front chairman Biman Bose announced candidates for first and second-phase elections on 5 March alongside Congress and ISF leaders leaving seats for them in the list.[61] Indian National Congress revealed its first list of 13 candidates for the first two phases on 6 March.[62] Left Front Announced its second list of candidates on 10 March comprising of several new and young faces from AISF, AIYF, SFI and DYFI along with some well-known veteran faces including ex ministers of Left Front govt and ex-MPs.[63] That day Biman Bose declared DYFI West Bengal state president Minakshi Mukherjee as the CPI(M) candidate for 'High-Profile' Nandigram (Vidhan Sabha constituency) seat which was kept vacant in the first list published on 5 March.[64] Congress revealed its second list of 34 candidates on 14 March.[65] ISF released list of their first set of 20 candidates on the same day.[66] Sanyukta Morcha announced 15 more candidates on 17 March consisting of 9 from the Left, 2 from Congress and 4 from ISF camp.[67] Congress revealed its third list of 39 candidates on 20 March,[68] and two more on 22 March.

Map of the seat sharing arrangement between the parties of the Sanjukta Morcha for the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election.
Party Symbol Leader(s) Bloc(s) Contesting Seats
Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M)
Indian Election Symbol Hammer Sickle and Star.png
Surjya Kanta Mishra[69] Left Front 137
All India Forward Bloc AIFB
Indian Election Symbol Lion.svg
Debabrata Biswas 18
Revolutionary Socialist Party RSP
Indian Election Symbol Spade and Stoker.png
Biswanath Chowdhury 11
Communist Party of India CPI
Indian Election Symbol Ears of Corn and Sickle.png
Swapan Banerjee 10
Marxist Forward Bloc MFB
Indian Election Symbol Hammer Sickle and Star.png
Samar Hazra 1
Indian National Congress INC
Hand INC.svg
Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury - 91
Indian Secular Front[b] ISF[60]
Indian Election Symbol Envelope.jpg
Abbas Siddiqui - 27

  Bharatiya Janata Party & Allies

Five hill-based parties pledged support to BJP ahead of the assembly election (Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF), Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists, Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL), Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha and SUMETI Mukti Morcha.[49] Hindu Samhati, a right wing organisation in West Bengal, withdrew their support from the BJP initially[71] and later declared to contest elections on its own,[72] however in the end they supported the BJP.[73] BJP alloted a seat of Amta constituency to the president of Hindu Samhati to contest on BJP's symbol.[74]

Map of the seat sharing arrangements of the Bharatiya Janata Party for the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election.

BJP also allotted the Baghmundi constituency, bordering Jharkhand, to the All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU).[75][76]

Party Symbol Leader Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party BJP BJP Election Symbol.png Dilip Ghosh 293
All Jharkhand Students Union AJSU Indian Election Symbol Banana.svg Ashutosh Mahto 1


Shiv Sena initially said that they would contest in around 100 seats,[77] but later on 4 March 2021 announced that they would not contest and will instead support Mamata Banerjee and TMC from outside.[78]

Party Symbol Leader(s) Contesting Seats
Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) SUCI(C) Indian Election Symbol Battery Torch.svg Provash Ghosh 193
Janata Dal (United)[79] JD(U) Indian Election Symbol Arrow.png Sanjay Verma 40[80]
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Liberation[81] CPI(ML)L Dipankar Bhattacharya 12
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Red Star[82] CPI(ML) Red Star K N Ramchandran 4
All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen[83] AIMIM Indian Election Symbol Kite.svg Asaduddin Owaisi 13
Bahujan Samaj Party[84] BSP Indian Election Symbol Elephant.png Mayawati 113
National People's Party[85] NPP Indian Election Symbol Book.svg 2


In 292 seats, a total of 2,132 candidates were in the fray. The voting in 2 constituencies had to be postponed to 16 May, after the death of 1 candidate each.

List of the candidates constituency wise of the four main parties/alliance:

List of candidates
Assembly Constituency AITC[86][87][88][89][90][91][92] NDA[76][93][94][95][96][97] Sanyukta Morcha Voting On
# Name Party Candidate Party Candidate Party Candidate
Cooch Behar district
1 Mekliganj AITC Paresh Chandra Adhikary BJP Dadhiram Ray AIFB Gobindo Ray 10 April 2021
2 Mathabhanga AITC Girindra Nath Barman BJP Sushil Barman CPI(M) Ashok Barman
3 Cooch Behar Uttar AITC Binay Krishna Barman BJP Sukumar Roy AIFB Nagendra Nath Ray
4 Cooch Behar Dakshin AITC Avijit Dey Bhowmik BJP Nikhil Ranjan Dey AIFB Akshay Thakur
5 Sitalkuchi AITC Partha Pratim Ray BJP Baren Chandra Barman CPI(M) Sudhangsu Pramanik
6 Sitai AITC Jagadish Chandra Barma Basunia BJP Dipak Kumar Roy INC Keshab Chandra Roy
7 Dinhata AITC Udayan Guha BJP Nisith Pramanik AIFB Abdul Rauf
8 Natabari AITC Rabindra Nath Ghosh BJP Mihir Goswami CPI(M) Akik Hasan
9 Tufanganj AITC Pranab Kumar Dey BJP Maloti Rava Roy INC Rabin Roy
Alipurdar district
10 Kumargram AITC Leos Kujur BJP Manoj Oraon RSP Kishor Minz 10 April 2021
11 Kalchini AITC Pasang Lama BJP Bishal Lama INC Abhijit Narzinari
12 Alipurduars AITC Sourav Chakraborty BJP Suman Kanjilal INC Debprosad Roy
13 Falakata AITC Subhash Roy BJP Dipak Barman CPI(M) Khsitish Chandra Roy
14 Madarihat AITC Rajesh Lakra BJP Manoj Tigga RSP Subhas Lohar
Jalpaiguri district
15 Dhupguri AITC Mitali Roy BJP Bishnu Pada Roy CPI(M) Dr. Pradip Kumar Roy 17 April 2021
16 Maynaguri AITC Manoj Roy BJP Koushik Roy RSP Naresh Chandra Roy
17 Jalpaiguri AITC Pradip Kumar Barma BJP Sujit Singha INC Sukhbilas Barma
18 Rajganj AITC Khageswar Roy BJP Supen Roy CPI(M) Ratan Ray
19 Dabgram-Phulbari AITC Goutam Deb BJP Sikha Chatterjee CPI(M) Dilip Singh
20 Mal AITC Bulu Chik Baraik BJP Mahesh Bagey CPI(M) Manu Oraon
21 Nagrakata AITC Joseph Munda BJP Puna Bhengra INC Sukhbir Subba
Kalimpong district
22 Kalimpong GJM (Gurung) Dr. Ram Bahadur Bhujel BJP Suva Pradhan INC Dilip Pradhan 17 April 2021
GJM (Tamang) Ruden Sada Lepcha
Darjeeling district
23 Darjeeling GJM (Gurung) Pemba Tshering BJP Neeraj Zimba CPI(M) Gautam Raj Rai 17 April 2021
GJM (Tamang) Keshav Raj Sharma
24 Kurseong GJM (Gurung) Narbu Lama BJP Bishnu Prasad Sharma CPI(M) Uttam Brahman
GJM (Tamang) Tshering Lama Dahal
25 Matigara-Naxalbari AITC Rajan Sundas BJP Anandamoy Barman INC Sankar Malakar
26 Siliguri AITC Prof. Omprakash Mishra BJP Shankar Ghosh CPI(M) Ashok Bhattacharya
27 Phansidewa AITC Choton Kisku BJP Durga Murmu INC Sunil Chandra Tirkey
Uttar Dinajpur district
28 Chopra AITC Hamidul Rahaman BJP Md. Shahin Akhtar CPI(M) Anwarul Haque 22 April 2021
29 Islampur AITC Abdul Karim Chowdhury BJP Saumya Roop Mandal INC Sadikul Islam
30 Goalpokhar AITC Md.Ghulam Rabbani BJP Gulam Sarwar INC Masud Nasim Ehsan
31 Chakulia AITC Minhajul Arfin Azad BJP Sachin Prasad AIFB Ali Imran Ramz
32 Karandighi AITC Goutam Pal BJP Subhash Singha AIFB Hafizul Iqbal
33 Hemtabad AITC Satyajit Barman BJP Chandrima Roy CPI(M) Bhupendra Nath Barman
34 Kaliaganj AITC Tapan Dev Singha BJP Soumen Roy INC Provas Sarkar
35 Raiganj AITC Kanaia Lal Agarwal BJP Krishna Kalyani INC Mohit Sengupta
36 Itahar AITC Mosaraf Hossain BJP Amit Kumar Kundu CPI Srikumar Mukherjee
Dakshin Dinajpur district
37 Kushmandi AITC Rekha Roy BJP Ranjit Kumar Roy RSP Narmada Chandra Roy 26 April 2021
38 Kumarganj AITC Toraf Hossain Mandal BJP Manas Sarkar INC Nargis Banu Chowdhury
39 Balurghat AITC Sekhar Dasgupta BJP Ashok Lahiri RSP Sucheta Biswas
40 Tapan AITC Kalpana Kisku BJP Budhrai Tudu RSP Raghu Urwo
41 Gangarampur AITC Goutam Das BJP Satyendra Nath Roy CPI(M) Nandalal Hazra
42 Harirampur AITC Biplab Mitra BJP Nilanjan Roy CPI(M) Rafikul Islam
Malda district
43 Habibpur AITC Pradip Baskey BJP Joyel Murmu CPI(M) Thakur Tudu 26 April 2021
44 Gazole AITC Basanti Barman BJP Chinmoy Deb Barman CPI(M) Arun Biswas
45 Chanchal AITC Nihar Ranjan Ghosh BJP Dipankar Ram INC Asif Mehbub
46 Harishchandrapur AITC Tajmul Hossain BJP Md. Matiur Rahaman INC Alam Mostaque
47 Malatipur AITC Abdul Rahim Boxi BJP Mausumi Das INC Alberuni Zulkarnain
48 Ratua AITC Samar Mukherjee BJP Abhishek Singhania INC Najima Khatun
49 Manikchak AITC Sabitri Mitra BJP Gour Chand Mandal INC Md. Mottakin Alam 29 April 2021
50 Maldaha AITC Ujjal Chowdhury BJP Gopal Chandra Saha INC Bhupendra Nath Halder
51 English Bazar AITC Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury BJP Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury CPI(M) Koushik Mishra
52 Mothabari AITC Sabina Yeasmin BJP Shyam Chand Ghosh INC Md. Dulal Sekh
53 Sujapur AITC Md. Abdul Ghani BJP S K Jiyauddin INC Isha Khan Choudhury
54 Baisnabnagar AITC Chandana Sarkar BJP Swadhin Kumar Sarkar INC Azizul Haque
Murshidabad district
55 Farakka AITC Monirul Islam BJP Hemanta Ghosh INC Mainul Haque 26 April 2021
56 Samserganj AITC Amirul Islam BJP Milan Ghosh INC Rokeya Khatun TBD
57 Suti AITC Emani Biswas BJP Kaushik Das INC Humayun Roja 26 April 2021
58 Jangipur AITC Jakir Hossain BJP Sujit Das RSP Janey Alam TBD
59 Raghunathganj AITC Akhruzzaman BJP Golam Modarsha INC Abdul Kasem Biswas 26 April 2021
60 Sagardighi AITC Subrata Saha BJP Mafuja Khatun INC S. K. Hasnuzzaman
61 Lalgola AITC Mohammad Ali BJP Kalpana Ghosh INC Abu Hena
62 Bhagabangola AITC Idris Ali BJP Mehbub Alam CPI(M) Kamaal Hossain
63 Raninagar AITC Soumik Hossain BJP Masuhara Khatun INC Firoza Begam
64 Murshidabad AITC Shaoni Singha Roy BJP Gouri Sankar Ghosh INC Niazuddin Sekh
65 Nabagram AITC Kanai Chandra Mondal BJP Mohan Halder CPI(M) Kripalini Ghosh
66 Khargram AITC Ashis Marjit BJP Aditya Moulik INC Bipadtaran Bagdi 29 April 2021
67 Burwan AITC Jiban Krishna Saha BJP Amiya Kumar Das INC Shiladitya Haldar
68 Kandi AITC Apurba Sarkar(David) BJP Goutam Roy INC Saiful Alam Khan
69 Bharatpur AITC Humayun Kabir BJP Iman Kalyan Mukherje INC Kamalesh Chatterjee
70 Rejinagar AITC Rabiul Alam Chowdhury BJP Arobindo Biswas INC Kafiruddin Sekh
71 Beldanga AITC Hasanuzzaman Sk. BJP Sumit Ghosh INC Seikh Safiujjaman
72 Baharampur AITC Naru Gopal Mukherjee BJP Subrata Moitra INC Manoj Chakraborty
73 Hariharpara AITC Niamot Sheikh BJP Tanmoy Biswas INC Mir Almagir
74 Naoda AITC Sahina Mamtaz Begum (Khan) BJP Anupam Mondal INC Mosharaf Hossain Mondal
75 Domkal AITC Jafikul Islam BJP Rubiya Khatun CPI(M) Mustafizur Rahman
76 Jalangi AITC Abdur Razzak BJP Chandan Mondal CPI(M) Saiful Islam Molla
Nadia district
77 Karimpur AITC Bimalendu Sinha Roy BJP Samarendra Nath Ghosh CPI(M) Pravas Majumdar 22 April 2021
78 Tehatta AITC Tapas Kumar Saha BJP Ashutosh Paul CPI(M) Subodh Biswas
79 Palashipara AITC Manik Bhattacharya BJP Bibhash Chandra Mandal CPI(M) M. S. Sadi
80 Kaliganj AITC Naseeruddin Ahamed (Lal) BJP Abhijit Ghosh INC Abdul Kasem
81 Nakashipara AITC Kallol Khan BJP Shantanu Deb CPI(M) Sukla Saha Chakraborty
82 Chapra AITC Rukbanur Rahman BJP Kalyan Kumar Nandi RSMP Kanchan Moitra
83 Krishnanagar Uttar AITC Koushani Mukherjee BJP Mukul Roy INC Sylvie Saha
84 Nabadwip AITC Pundarikakshya Saha (Nanda) BJP Siddartha Naskar CPI(M) Swarnendu Singha
85 Krishnanagar Dakshin AITC Ujjal Biswas BJP Mahadev Sarkar CPI(M) Sumit Biswas
86 Santipur AITC Ajoy Dey BJP Jagannath Sarkar INC Riju Ghoshal 17 April 2021
87 Ranaghat Uttar Paschim AITC Sankar Singha BJP Partha Sarathi Chatterjee INC Bijoyendu Biswas
88 Krishnaganj AITC Dr. Tapas Mandal BJP Ashis Kumar Biswas CPI(M) Jhunu Baidya
89 Ranaghat Uttar Purba AITC Samir Kumar Poddar BJP Ashim Biswas RSMP Dinesh Chandra Biswas
90 Ranaghat Dakshin AITC Barnali Dey BJP Mukut Mani Adhikari CPI(M) Rama Biswas
91 Chakdaha AITC Subhankar Singha (Jishu) BJP Bankim Ch. Ghosh CPI(M) Narayan Dasgupta
92 Kalyani AITC Aniruddha Biswas BJP Ambika Roy CPI(M) Sabuj Das
93 Haringhata AITC Nilima Nag (Mallick) BJP Ashim Sarkar CPI(M) Alakesh Das
North 24 Parganas district
94 Bagda AITC Paritosh Kumar Saha BJP Biswajit Das INC Prabir Kirtania 22 April 2021
95 Bangaon Uttar AITC Shyamal Roy BJP Ashok Kritonia CPI(M) Piyush Kanti Saha
96 Bangaon Dakshin AITC Alo Rani Sarkar BJP Swapan Majumdar CPI(M) Tapas Kumar Biswas
97 Gaighata AITC Narottam Biswas BJP Subrata Thakur CPI Kapil Krishna Thakur
98 Swarupnagar AITC Bina Mandal BJP Brindaban Sarkar CPI(M) Biswajit Mondal
99 Baduria AITC Quasi Abdul Mallick BJP Sukalyan Baidya INC Dr. Abdus Sattar
100 Habra AITC Jyotipriyo Mallick BJP Rahul Sinha CPI(M) Rijinandan Biswas
101 Ashokenagar AITC Narayan Goswami BJP Tanuja Chakraborty RSMP Tapas Banerjee
102 Amdanga AITC Rafiqur Rahman BJP Jaydeb Manna RSMP Jamal Uddin
103 Bijpur AITC Subodh Adhikary BJP Subhranshu Roy CPI(M) Sukanta Rakshit
104 Naihati AITC Partha Bhowmick BJP Phalguni Patra CPI(M) Indrani Kundu Mukherjee
105 Bhatpara AITC Jitendra Shaw BJP Pawan Singh INC Dharmendra Shaw
106 Jagatdal AITC Somnath Shyam BJP Arindam Bhattacharya AIFB Nimai Saha
107 Noapara AITC Manju Basu BJP Sunil Singh INC Suvankar Sarkar
108 Barrackpore AITC Raj Chakraborty BJP Dr. Candramani Shukla CPI(M) Debasish Bhowmick
109 Khardaha AITC Kajal Sinha BJP Shilbhadra Dutta CPI(M) Debojyoti Das
110 Dum Dum Uttar AITC Chandrima Bhattacharya BJP Archana Majumdar CPI(M) Tanmoy Bhattacharya
111 Panihati AITC Nirmal Ghosh BJP Sonmoy Bandopadhyay INC Tapas Mazumdar 17 April 2021
112 Kamarhati AITC Madan Mitra BJP Anindya Raju Banarjee CPI(M) Sayandip Mitra
113 Baranagar AITC Tapas Roy BJP Parno Mittra INC Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
114 Dum Dum AITC Bratya Basu BJP Bimal Shankar Nanda CPI(M) Palash Das
115 Rajarhat New Town AITC Tapas Chatterjee BJP Bhaskar Roy CPI(M) Saptarshi Deb
116 Bidhannagar AITC Sujit Bose BJP Sabyasachi Dutta INC Abhishek Bandopadhyay
117 Rajarhat Gopalpur AITC Aditi Munsi BJP Samik Bhattacharya CPI(M) Subhajit Dasgupta
118 Madhyamgram AITC Rathin Ghosh BJP Rajashree Rajbanshi RSMP Biswajit Maity
119 Barasat AITC Chiranjeet Chakraborty BJP Shankar Chaterjee AIFB Sanjib Chattopadhyay
120 Deganga AITC Rahima Mondal BJP Deepika Chatterjee RSMP Karim Ali
121 Haroa AITC Haji Sk. Nurul Islam BJP Rajendra Saha RSMP Kutubuddin Fatehi
122 Minakhan AITC Usha Rani Mondal BJP Jayanta Mondal CPI(M) Pradyot Ray
123 Sandeshkhali AITC Sukumar Mahata BJP Bhaskar Sardar RSMP Barun Mahato
124 Basirhat Dakshin AITC Dr. Saptarshi Banerjee BJP Taraknath Ghosh INC Amit Majumder
125 Basirhat Uttar AITC Rafikul Islam Mondal BJP Narayan Mondal RSMP Baijid Amin
126 Hingalganj AITC Debes Mondal BJP Nimai Das CPI Dr. Ranjan Mondal
South 24 Parganas district
127 Gosaba AITC Jayanta Naskar BJP Chitta Pramanik RSP Anil Chandra Mondal 1 April 2021
128 Basanti AITC Shyamal Mondal BJP Ramesh Maji RSP Subhas Naskar 6 April 2021
129 Kultali AITC Ganesh Chandra Mondal BJP Mintu Haldar CPI(M) Ram Shankar Haldar
130 Patharpratima AITC Samir Kumar Jana BJP Ashit Haldar INC Sukhdeb Bera 1 April 2021
131 Kakdwip AITC Manturam Pakhira BJP Deepankar Jana INC Indranil Raut
132 Sagar AITC Bankim Chandra Hazra BJP Bikash Kamila CPI(M) Sk. Mukuleshwar Rahman
133 Kulpi AITC Jogaranjan Halder BJP Pranab Mallik RSMP Shirajuddin Gazi 6 April 2021
134 Raidighi AITC Alok Jaldata BJP Shantanu Bapuli CPI(M) Kanti Ganguly
135 Mandirbazar AITC Jaydeb Halder BJP Dilip Jatuwa RSMP Sanjay Sarkar
136 Jaynagar AITC Biswanath Das BJP Rabin Sardar CPI(M) Apurba Pramanik
137 Baruipur Purba AITC Bibhas Sardar BJP Chandan Mandal CPI(M) Swapan Naskar
138 Canning Paschim AITC Paresh Ram Das BJP Arnab Roy INC Pratap Mondal
139 Canning Purba AITC Saokat Molla BJP Kalipada Naskar RSMP Gazi Sahabuddin Siraj
140 Baruipur Paschim AITC Biman Banerjee BJP Debapam Chaatopadhyay CPI(M) Lahek Ali
141 Magrahat Purba AITC Namita Saha BJP Chandan Naskar CPI(M) Chandan Saha
142 Magrahat Paschim AITC Giasuddin Molla BJP Manash Saha RSMP Maidul Islam
143 Diamond Harbour AITC Pannalal Halder BJP Dipak Haldar CPI(M) Pratik Ur Rahman
144 Falta AITC Sankar Kumar Naskar BJP Bidhan Parui INC Abdur Rezzak Molla
145 Satgachia AITC Mohan Chandra Naskar BJP Chandan Paul Das CPI(M) Goutam Paul
146 Bishnupur (S 24) AITC Dilip Mondal BJP Agnishwar Naskar CPI(M) Jhuma Kayal
147 Sonarpur Dakshin AITC Arundhuti Moitra BJP Anjana Basu CPI Shuvam Banerjee 10 April 2021
148 Bhangar AITC Md. Rezaul Karim BJP Soumi Hati RSMP Naushad Siddiqui
149 Kasba AITC Javed Ahmed Khan BJP Indranil Khan CPI(M) Shatarup Ghosh
150 Jadavpur AITC Moloy Majumder BJP Rinku Naskar CPI(M) Sujan Chakraborty
151 Sonarpur Uttar AITC Firdousi Begum BJP Ranjan Baidya CPI(M) Monalisa Sinha
152 Tollygunge AITC Aroop Biswas BJP Babul Supriyo CPI(M) Debdut Ghosh
153 Behala Purba AITC Ratna Chatterjee BJP Payel Sarkar CPI(M) Samita Har Chowdhury
154 Behala Paschim AITC Partha Chatterjee BJP Srabanti Chatterjee CPI(M) Nihar Bhakta
155 Maheshtala AITC Dulal Chandra Das BJP Umesh Das CPI(M) Pradyut Chowdhury
156 Budge Budge AITC Ashok Deb BJP Tarun Adak INC Sk. Mujibar Rahman
157 Metiaburuz AITC Abdul Khaleque Molla BJP Ramji Prasad RSMP Nurujjaman
Kolkata district
158 Kolkata Port AITC Firhad Hakim BJP Awad Kishore Gupta INC Md. Muktar 26 April 2021
159 Bhabanipur AITC Sovandeb Chattopadhyay BJP Rudranil Ghosh INC Md. Shadab Khan
160 Rashbehari AITC Debasish Kumar BJP Lt. Gen Subrata Saha INC Ashutosh Chatterjee
161 Ballygunge AITC Subrata Mukherjee BJP Loknath Chatterjee CPI(M) Dr. Fuad Halim
162 Chowrangee AITC Nayana Bandopadhyay BJP Devdutta Maji INC Santosh Pathak 29 April 2021
163 Entally AITC Swarna Kamal Saha BJP Priyanka Tibrewal RSMP Md. Iqbal Alam
164 Beleghata AITC Paresh Paul BJP Adv. Kashinath Biswas CPI(M) Rajib Biswas
165 Jorasanko AITC Vivek Gupta BJP Mina Devi Purohit INC Janab Ajmal Khan
166 Shyampukur AITC Sashi Panja BJP Sandipan Biswas AIFB Jiban Prakash Saha
167 Maniktala AITC Sadhan Pande BJP Kalyan Chaubey CPI(M) Rupa Bagchi
168 Kashipur-Belgachia AITC Atin Ghosh BJP Shivaji Singha Roy CPI(M) Pratip Dasgupta
Howrah district
169 Bally AITC Rana Chatterjee BJP Baishali Dalmiya CPI(M) Dipsita Dhar 10 April 2021
170 Howrah Uttar AITC Goutam Chowdhury BJP Umesh Rai CPI(M) Pawan Singh
171 Howrah Madhya AITC Arup Roy BJP Sanjay Singh INC Palash Bhandary
172 Shibpur AITC Manoj Tiwary BJP Rathindranath Chakraborty AIFB Dr. Jagannath Bhattacharya
173 Howrah Dakshin AITC Nandita Chowdhury BJP Rantideb Sengupta CPI(M) Sumitra Adhikari
174 Sankrail AITC Priya Paul BJP Prabakar Pandit CPI(M) Samir Malik
175 Panchla AITC Gulsan Mallick BJP Mohit Ghanti RSMP Md. Jaleel
176 Uluberia Purba AITC Bidesh Bose BJP Pratyush Mondal RSMP Abbasuddin Khan
177 Uluberia Uttar AITC Dr. Nirmal Maji BJP Chiran Bera CPI(M) Ashok Dolui 6 April 2021
178 Uluberia Dakshin AITC Pulak Roy BJP Paapia Adhikari AIFB Kutubuddin Ahmed
179 Shyampur AITC Kalipada Mandal BJP Tanusree Chakraborty INC Amitabha Chakraborty
180 Bagnan AITC Arunava Sen BJP Anupam Mallik CPI(M) Bashir Ahmed
181 Amta AITC Sukanto Paul BJP Debtanu Bhattacharya INC Asit Mitra
182 Udaynarayanpur AITC Samir Kumar Panja BJP Sumit Ranjan Karar INC Alok Koley
183 Jagatballavpur AITC Sitanath Ghosh BJP Anupam Ghosh RSMP Sk. Sabbir Ahmed
184 Domjur AITC Kalyan Ghosh BJP Rajib Banerjee CPI(M) Uttam Bera 10 April 2021
Hooghly district
185 Uttarpara AITC Kanchan Mullick BJP Prabir Ghoshal CPI(M) Rajat Banerjee 10 April 2021
186 Sreerampur AITC Sudipto Roy BJP Kabir Sankar Bose INC Alok Ranjan Banerjee
187 Champdani AITC Arindam Guin BJP Dilip Singh INC Abdul Mannan
188 Singur AITC Becharam Manna BJP Rabindranath Bhattacharjee CPI(M) Srijan Bhattacharya
189 Chandannagar AITC Indranil Sen BJP Deepanjan Ghuha CPI(M) Goutam Sarkar
190 Chunchura AITC Asit Mazumdar BJP Locket Chatterjee AIFB Dr. Pranab Ghosh
191 Balagarh AITC Monoranjan Byapari BJP Subhas Chandra Haldar CPI(M) Mahamaya Mondal
192 Pandua AITC Dr. Ratna De Nag BJP Partha Sharma CPI(M) Sk. Amjad Hossain
193 Saptagram AITC Tapan Dasgupta BJP Debbrata Biswas(Baban) INC Pabitra Deb
194 Chanditala AITC Swati Khandoker BJP Yash Dasgupta CPI(M) Mohammed Salim
195 Jangipara AITC Snehashis Chakraborty BJP Debjit Sarkar RSMP Sk. Moinuddin (Budo) 6 April 2021
196 Haripal AITC Karabi Manna BJP Samiran Mitra RSMP Simal Soren
197 Dhanekhali AITC Ashima Patra BJP Tushar Majumdar INC Anirban Saha
198 Tarakeswar AITC Ramendu Singha Roy BJP Swapan Dasgupta CPI(M) Surajit Ghosh
199 Pursurah AITC Dilip Yadav BJP Biman Ghosh INC Monika Mallick Ghosh
200 Arambagh AITC Sujata Mondal Khan BJP Madhusudhan Bag CPI(M) Sakti Mohan Malik
201 Goghat AITC Manas Mazumder BJP Biswanath Karak AIFB Shivprasad Malik
202 Khanakul AITC Munsi Nazbul Karim BJP Susanta Ghosh RSMP Faisal Khan
Purba Medinipur district
203 Tamluk AITC Soumen Mahapatra BJP Harekrishna Bera CPI Goutam Panda 1 April 2021
204 Panskura Purba AITC Biplab Roychowdhury BJP Debabrata Patnayak CPI(M) Sk. Ibrahim Ali
205 Panskura Paschim AITC Firoza Bibi BJP Shintu Senapati CPI Chittaranjan Das Thakur
206 Moyna AITC Sangram Kumar Dolui BJP Ashoke Dinda INC Manik Bhownik
207 Nandakumar AITC Sukumar Dey BJP Nilanjan Adhikari CPI(M) Karuna Shankar Bhowmick
208 Mahisadal AITC Tilak Chakraborty BJP Biswanath Banarjee RSMP Bikram Chatterjee
209 Haldia AITC Swapan Naskar BJP Tapasi Mondal CPI(M) Manika Kar Paik
210 Nandigram AITC Mamata Banerjee BJP Suvendu Adhikari CPI(M) Minakshi Mukherjee
211 Chandipur AITC Soham Chakraborty BJP Pulak Kanti Guriya CPI(M) Ashish Guchhait
212 Patashpur AITC Uttam Basak BJP Ambujaksha Mahanti CPI Saikat Giri 27 March 2021
213 Kanthi Uttar AITC Tarun Kumar Jana BJP Sunita Singha CPI(M) Sutanu Maity
214 Bhagabanpur AITC Ardhendu Maity BJP Rabindranath Maity INC Shiu Maiti
215 Khejuri AITC Parthapratim Das BJP Santanu Pramanik CPI(M) Himangshu Das
216 Kanthi Dakshin AITC Jyotirmoy Kar BJP Arup Kumar Das CPI Anulup Panda
217 Ramnagar AITC Akhil Giri BJP Swadesh Ranjan Nayak CPI(M) Sabyasachi Jana
218 Egra AITC Tarun Maity BJP Arup Das INC Manas Kumar Karmahapatra
Paschim Medinipur district
219 Dantan AITC Bikram Chandra Pradhan BJP Sakti Pada Nayak CPI Sisir Patra 27 March 2021
Jhargram district
220 Nayagram AITC Dulal Murmu BJP Bakul Murmu CPI(M) Haripada Soren 27 March 2021
221 Gopiballavpur AITC Khagendranath Mahato BJP Sanjit Mahato CPI(M) Prashanta Das
222 Jhargram AITC Birbaha Hansda BJP Sukhmoy Satpati CPI(M) Madhuja Sen Roy
Paschim Medinipur district
223 Keshiary AITC Paresh Murmu BJP Sonali Murmu CPI(M) Pulin Bihari Baske 27 March 2021
224 Kharagpur Sadar AITC Pradip Sarkar BJP Hiranmoy Chattopadhyaya INC Reeta Sharma 1 April 2021
225 Narayangarh AITC Suryakanta Atta BJP Ramprasad Giri CPI(M) Tapas Sinha
226 Sabang AITC Manas Bhunia BJP Amulya Maity INC Chiranjib Bhowmik
227 Pingla AITC Ajit Maity BJP Antara Bhattacharya INC Samir Roy
228 Kharagpur AITC Dinen Ray BJP Tapan Bhuiya CPI(M) Sk. Saddam Ali 27 March 2021
229 Debra AITC Humayun Kabir BJP Bharati Ghosh CPI(M) Prankrishna Mondal 1 April 2021
230 Daspur AITC Mamata Bhunia BJP Prashanth Bera CPI(M) Dhrubasekhar Mondal
231 Ghatal AITC Shankar Dolui BJP Shital Kapat CPI(M) Kamal Dolui
232 Chandrakona AITC Arup Dhara BJP Shibram Das RSMP Gouranga Das
233 Garbeta AITC Uttara Singha BJP Madan Ruidas CPI(M) Tapan Ghosh 27 March 2021
234 Salboni AITC Srikanta Mahata BJP Rajib Kundu CPI(M) Susanta Ghosh
235 Keshpur AITC Siuli Saha BJP Pritish Ranjan CPI(M) Rameshwar Dolui 1 April 2021
236 Medinipur AITC June Malia BJP Shamit Dash CPI Tarun Kumar Ghosh 27 March 2021
Jhargram district
237 Binpur AITC Debnath Hansda BJP Palan Saren CPI(M) Dibakar Hansda 27 March 2021
Purulia district
238 Bandwan AITC Rajib Lochan Saren BJP Parsi Murmu CPI(M) Sushanta Besra 27 March 2021
239 Balarampur AITC Shantiram Mahato BJP Baneswar Mahato INC Uttam Banerjee
240 Baghmundi AITC Sushanta Mahato AJSU Ashutosh Mahato INC Nepal Mahata
241 Joypur IND Dibyojyoti Singh Deo[53][52] BJP Narahari Mahato AIFB Dhiren Mahato
242 Purulia AITC Sujoy Banerjee BJP Sudip Mukherjee INC Partha Prathim Banerjee
243 Manbazar AITC Sandhya Rani Tudu BJP Gouri Singh Sardar CPI(M) Jaminikanta Mandi
244 Kashipur AITC Swapan Kumar Beltharia BJP Kamalakanta Hansda CPI(M) Mallika Mahata
245 Para AITC Umapada Bauri BJP Nadia Chand Bauri CPI(M) Swapan Bauri
246 Raghunathpur AITC Hazari Bauri BJP Bivekananda Bauri CPI(M) Ganesh Bauri
Bankura district
247 Saltora AITC Santosh Mondal BJP Chandana Bauri CPI(M) Nandadulal Bauri 27 March 2021
248 Chhatna AITC Subhasis Batabyal BJP Satyanarayan Mukherjee RSP Falguni Mukherjee
249 Ranibandh AITC Jyostna Mandi BJP Khudiram Tudu CPI(M) Deblina Hembram
250 Raipur AITC Mrittunjay Murmu BJP Sudhangsu Hansda RSMP Milan Mandi
251 Taldangra AITC Arup Chakraborty BJP Shyamal Kumar Sarkar CPI(M) Manoranjan Patra 1 April 2021
252 Bankura AITC Sayantika Banerjee BJP Niladri Sekhar Dana INC Radha Rani Banerjee
253 Barjora AITC Alok Mukherjee BJP Supriti Chatterji CPI(M) Sujit Chakraborty
254 Onda AITC Arup Kumar Khan BJP Amar Sakha AIFB Tarapada Chakraborty
255 Bishnupur (Bankura) AITC Archita Bid BJP Tanmoy Ghosh INC Debu Chatterjee
256 Katulpur AITC Sangeeta Malik BJP Harkali Patihar INC Akshay Santra
257 Indas AITC Runu Mete BJP Nirmal Dhara CPI(M) Nayan Sil
258 Sonamukhi AITC Shyamal Santra BJP Dibakar Ghourmi CPI(M) Ajit Roy
Purba Bardhaman district
259 Khandaghosh AITC Nabin Chandra Bag BJP Bijon Mondal CPI(M) Ashima Roy 17 April 2021
260 Bardhaman Dakshin AITC Khokon Das BJP Sandip Nandi CPI(M) Pritha Ta
261 Raina AITC Shampa Dhara BJP Manik Roy CPI(M) Basudev Khan
262 Jamalpur AITC Alok Kumar Majhi BJP Balaram Bapari MFB[c] Samar Hazra
263 Manteswar AITC Siddiqulla Chowdhury BJP Saikat Panja CPI(M) Anupam Ghosh
264 Kalna AITC Deboprasad Bag BJP Bishwajit Kundu CPI(M) Nirab Khan
265 Memari AITC Madhusudan Bhattacharya BJP Bhismadeb Bhattacharya CPI(M) Sanat Banerjee
266 Bardhaman Uttar AITC Nisith Kumar Malik BJP Radhakanta Roy CPI(M) Chandi Charan Let
267 Bhatar AITC Mangobindo Adhikary BJP Mahendra Konar CPI(M) Najrul Haque 22 April 2021
268 Purbasthali Dakshin AITC Swapan Debnath BJP Rajib Kumar Bhowmik INC Abhijit Bhattacharya
269 Purbasthali Uttar AITC Tapan Chatterjee BJP Gobardhan Das CPI(M) Pradip Kumar Saha
270 Katwa AITC Rabindranath Chatterjee BJP Shyama Majumdar INC Prabir Gangopadhyay
271 Ketugram AITC Sekh Sahonawez BJP Mathura Ghosh CPI(M) Mizanur Rahman
272 Mangalkot AITC Apurba Chowdhury BJP Rana Pratap Goswami CPI(M) Shah Jahan Chowdhury
273 Ausgram AITC Abhedananda Thander BJP Kalita Majhi CPI(M) Chanchal Majhi
274 Galsi AITC Nepal Ghorui BJP Bikash Biswas AIFB Nanda Pandit
Paschim Bardhaman district
275 Pandaveswar AITC Narendranath Chakraborty BJP Jitendra Tiwari CPI(M) Subhas Bauri 26 April 2021
276 Durgapur Purba AITC Pradip Majumder BJP Col.Diptangshu Chaudhury CPI(M) Abhas Raychowdhury
277 Durgapur Paschim AITC Biswanath Parial BJP Lakshman Ghorai INC Debesh Chakraborty
278 Raniganj AITC Tapas Banerjee BJP Dr. Bijan Mukherjee CPI(M) Hemant Pravakar
279 Jamuria AITC Hareram Singh BJP Tapas Roy CPI(M) Aishe Ghosh
280 Asansol Dakshin AITC Saayoni Ghosh BJP Agnimitra Paul CPI(M) Prashanta Ghosh
281 Asansol Uttar AITC Moloy Ghatak BJP Krishnendu Mukherjee RSMP Md. Mustakin
282 Kulti AITC Ujjal Chatterjee BJP Dr. Ajoy Poddar INC Chandidas Chatterjee
283 Barabani AITC Bidhan Upadhyay BJP Arijit Roy INC Ranendra Bath Bagchi
Birbhum district
284 Dubrajpur AITC Debabrata Saha BJP Anup Saha AIFB Bijoy Bagdi 29 April 2021
285 Suri AITC Bikash Roy Chowdhury BJP Jagannath Chattopadhyay INC Chanchal Chatterjee
286 Bolpur AITC Chandranath Singha BJP Anirban Ganguly RSP Tapan Hore
287 Nanoor AITC Bidhan Chandra Majhi BJP Tarak Saha CPI(M) Shyamali Pradhan
288 Labpur AITC Abhijit Sinha BJP Biswajit Mondal CPI(M) Syed Mahfuzul Karim
289 Sainthia AITC Nilabati Saha BJP Piya Saha CPI(M) Mausumi Konai
290 Mayureswar AITC Abhijit Roy BJP Shyamapada Mondal RSMP Kashinath Pal
291 Rampurhat AITC Dr.Asish Banerjee BJP Subhasis Choudhury CPI(M) Sanjib Barman
292 Hansan AITC Ashok Kumar Chattopadhay BJP Nikhil Banerjee INC Miltan Rashid
293 Nalhati AITC Rajendra Prasad Singh BJP Tapas Kumar Yadav AIFB Dipak Chatterjee
294 Murarai AITC Mosaraf Hossain BJP Debashis Roy INC Md. Asif Iqbal

Surveys and polls

Exit poll

The Election Commission on 27 March, banned publication of any surveys and exit polls till 7:30 PM of 29 April to prevent any influence on voters.[99][100] However, in another notification, the time was brought forward to 7:00PM of the same day.[101]

Date published Polling agency Lead
AITC+ BJP+ SM Others
29 April 2021 ABP News - C-Voter[102][103][104] 152-164 109-121 14-25 - 31-55
42.1% 39.2% 15.4% 3.3% 2.9%
29 April 2021 NK Digital Magazine[105] (193+1)=194 73 22 3 121
30 April - 1 May 2021 Ekhon Biswa Bangla Sangbad[106][107][108][109][110][111][112][113] 217 63 10±2 2 154
30 April 2021 FAM Community[114] (182-1)=181 99 (12-1)=11 1 82
29 April 2021 DB Live[115][116] 154-169 94-109 24-34 0-1 45-75
29 April 2021 Drishtibhongi[117] 174 103 15 2 71
45% 38% 12% 5% 7%
29 April 2021 Ground Zero Research[118][119][120] 154-186 96-124 6-14 2-3 30-90
29 April 2021 IPSOS[119] 158 115 19 - 43
29 April 2021 Today's Chanakya[121] 169-191 97-119 0-8 0-3 50-94
46% 39% 9% 6% 7%
29 April 2021 ETG Research[122] 164-176 105-115 10-15 0-1 49-71
42.4% 39.1% 14.2% 4.3% 3.3%
29 April 2021 P-MARQ[123][124][125] 152-172 112-132 10-20 - 20-60
44% 40% 12% - 4%
29 April 2021 NEWSX - Polstrat[126][125][127][128][129] 152-162 115-125 16-26 - 27-47
29 April 2021 TV9 Bharatvarsh - Polstrat[130][128][131][127] 142-152 125-135 16-26 - 7-27
43.9% 40.5% 10.7% 4.9% 3.4%
29 April 2021 India Today - Axis-My-India[132][125] 130-156 134-160 0-2 0-1 HUNG
44% 43% 10% 3% 1%
29 April 2021 Republic TV - CNX[133][125] 128-138 138-148 11-21 - 0-20
40.07% 42.75% 14.42% 2.76% 2.68%
29 April 2021 India TV - Peoples Pulse[134] 64-88 173-192 7-12 - 85-128
29 April 2021 Jan-Ki-Baat[129][135][125] 104-121 162-185 3-9 - 58-64
44-45% 46-48% 5-8% 2% 1-4%
29 April 2021 Priyo Bandhu Media[136] 82 187 22 1 105
29 April 2021 Arambagh TV[137] 84-119 159-192 11-20 - 40-108
29 April 2021 Sudarshan News[138] 97-104 170-180 6-10 1-3 66-83
Overall Average 143-155 121-134 12-17 1 9-34

Opinion poll

A number of Pre-poll surveys for the elections were published by different agencies and groups in the span of one year until 27 March. However most polls contradicted each other regarding the possible outcome.[139]

Date published Polling agency Lead
AITC+ BJP+ SM Others
25 March 2021 P-Marq[140][123] 121-130 149-158 11-15 - 19-37
43% 42% 13% - 1%
25 March 2021 DB Live[141] 170-175 74-79 42-47 0-2 91-101
19-25 March 2021 Priyo Bandhu Media[142][143][144][145][146][147][148][149][150][151][152][153][154] 93 168 33 - 75
24 March 2021 Times Now C-Voter [155] 152-168 104-120 18-26 0-2 32-64
42% 37% 13% 8%
24 March 2021 TV9 Bharatvarsh [156] 146 122 23 3 HUNG
39.6% 37.1% 17.4% 5.9%
23 March 2021 ABP News - CNX[157] 136-146 130-140 14-18 1-3 HUNG
40% 38% 16% 6%
23 March 2021 India TV- Peoples Pulse[158] 95 183 16 0 88
23 March 2021 Jan-Ki-Baat[159][160] 118-134 150-162 10-14 0 16-44
44.1% 44.8% 7.5% 3%
20 March 2021 Polstrat[161] 163 102 29 0 61
44.4% 37.4% 11.7% - 7%
17 March 2021 Shining India[162] 157-179 78-100 28-42 0-4 57-101
15 March 2021 ABP News - C Voter 150-166 98-114 23-31 3-5 36-52
43.4% 38.4% 12.7 5.5%
8 March 2021 ABP News - CNX[163] 154-164 102-112 22-30 01-03 42-62
42% 34% 20% 4%
8 March 2021 Times Now - C Voter[164] 146-162 99-112 29-37 0 31-63
42.2% 37.5% 14.8% 5.5%
24 February 2021 Times Democracy[142][127] 151 131 12 - 20
44.10% 39.61% 12.70% 3.59% 4.49%
13-14 February 2021 NK Digital Magazine[165][166][167][168] 192 69 30 3 123
49% 39% 10% 2% 10%


These elections is being conducted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, necessary guidelines are being issued by the Election Commission of India.[169]

COVID-19 guidelines

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the Election Commission of India issued various health guidelines for conducting the elections. The guidelines include use of masks, sanitisation of the polling booths, use of thermal scanners before entering the polling booths, maintaining social distancing, and so forth.[170] The number of maximum voters for each polling station has also been brought down to 1000 from 1500.[171]

A volunteer conducting thermal screening of the voters, at a polling booth, during the third phase of the West Bengal Assembly Election, in Uluberia, West Bengal on April 06, 2021.

After hikes in COVID-19 cases in the state,[172] the Election Commission issued warning against all recognised state and national political parties for following the COVID-19 guidelines strictly.[173] The Election Commission banned all political rallies, public meetings, street plays and nukkad sabhas during 7 PM to 10 AM starting from 16 April.[174] On 22 April 2021, owing to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, ahead of the 7th & 8th phase of voting the Election Commission of India withdrew permission for any kind of roadshows including cycle, bike, vehicle rallies and added that not more than 500 people would be allowed in public meetings.[175] ECI on 27 April issued a notification banning all kinds of victory processions on and after the day of counting of votes.[176]

Security preparations

An elderly elector cast her vote with assistance of CAPF Jawans at 260 Bardhaman Dakshin Assembly Constituency of Purba Bardhaman District.
Polling officials collecting the Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) and other necessary inputs required for the West Bengal Assembly Election, at a distribution centre, in Uluberia, West Bengal on 5 April 2021.

After several instances of violence, threats and murders even before the polls were announced, the Election Commission of India and Home Ministry ordered twelve companies of central forces were be deployed in West Bengal from 20 February. At least 125 more central troops were ordered to reach West Bengal on 25 February to ensure law and order in the poll-bound state. The Election commission said that forces will lay stress on area domination, especially in sensitive zones.[177] 60 companies of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), 30 companies of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), 25 companies of the Border Security Force (BSF) and five companies each of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP).[178] The total number of central forces deployed increased progressively to 725 companies.[179][180] The number of total deployment of central security forces increased to 1000 companies following deployment of additional 200 CAPF companies after the third phase of polling.[181]

In the second phase of election, Section 144 was implemented across areas of Tamluk and Haldia subdivisions.[182] After fourth phase of polling, ECI deployed additional 71 companies of central forces, making the total deployment number at 1,071 companies of central forces.[183]


Polling officials carrying the Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) and other necessary inputs required for the West Bengal Assembly Election, at a distribution centre, in Uluberia, West Bengal on April 05, 2021.
First time voters showing mark of indelible ink after casting their vote, at a polling booth, during the fourth phase of the West Bengal Assembly Election, at Nehru Colony Primary School, Regent Park, in Kolkata, West Bengal on April 10, 2021.
Voters standing in the queue to cast their votes, at a polling booth, during the third phase of the West Bengal Assembly Election, in Uluberia, West Bengal on April 06, 2021.

Voter Turnout

Phase wise voter turnout
Phase Seats Voters Polled Turnout
I 30 73,80,942 84.63%
II 30 75,94,549 86.11%
III 31 78,52,425 84.61%
IV 44 1,15,81,022 79.90%
V 45 1,13,47,344 82.49%
VI 43 1,03,87,791 82.00%
VII 34 81,88,907 76.89%
VIII 35 84,77,728 78.32%
Later 2 4,90,212
Total 294 7,32,98,428
5,99,35,988 81.87%

Phase I

Nearly 74 lakh electorates across 10,288 polling stations of West Bengal were registered to in this phase of election. Webcasting were arranged for 5392 polling stations. During this phase, a total of 10288 Ballot Units (BUs), 10288 Control Units (CUs) and 10288 VVPATs were used in West Bengal.[184]

Phase II

Nearly 73 lakh electorates across 10,592 polling stations of West Bengal were registered to in this phase of election. Webcasting were arranged for 5,535 polling stations. During this phase, a total of 10,620 Ballot Units (BUs), 10,620 Control Units(CUs) and 10,620 VVPATs were used. 1,137 Flying Squads (FS) and 1012 Static Surveillance Teams (SST) were operational to check movement of cash, liquor, drugs & freebies. 3 Air Intelligence Units (AIU) of IT Department were also set up at Kolkata, Andal in Durgapur and Bagdogra. 14,499 cases of Model Code of Conduct violations were reported from West Bengal with 11,630 disposed till 4.30 pm of voting day.[185]

Phase III

A total of 7,852,425 voters were eligible to vote in 10,871 polling stations of this phase, out of which, 64,083 were physically disabled voters and 126,177 were voters above the age of 80. In the third phase, 22 general observers, 7 police observers and 9 expenditure observers were deployed.[186]

Phase IV

A total of 11,581,022 voters were eligible to vote in this phase of election, out of which, 50,523 were physically disabled voters and 203,927 were voters above the age of 80.[187]

Phase V

A total of 11,347,344 voters were eligible to vote in this phase of election, out of which, 60,198 were physically disabled voters and 179,634 were voters above the age of 80.[188]

Phase VI

A total of 10,387,791 voters were eligible to vote in this phase of election, out of which, 64,266 were physically disabled voters and 157,290 were voters above the age of 80.[189]


  • Ahead of the first phase of election, an election vehicle was set on fire by two unknown men.[190]
  • On 27 March, i.e. the day of first phase polling, TMC supporters protested outside booth no. 172 of Majna in South Kanthi alleging EVM malfunction. It was alleged that if voters cast their vote for TMC, the VVPAT was showing the lotus sign of BJP. Not only Majna, but similar allegations came from the booth next to it.[191][192]
  • Two security personnel were reportedly injured in Satsatmal village of Purba Medinipur district in a firing and bombing incident during the phase 1 of polling.[193]
  • A BJP worker's dead body found in Paschim Medinipur during the first phase of election.[194]
  • Three TMC activists were injured in blast in Bankura during the first phase.[195]
  • In Dantan constituency, it was reported that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was preventing people from voting. A complaint was lodged at a local police station which alleged that the CRPF were allowing BJP workers to reside in the booth and casting votes in their name.[196]
  • On 28 March, the ECI stated that 56 bombs were seized from Narendrapur of South 24 Parganas district.[197]
  • During the filing of nomination by a BJP candidate in Barrackpore, gunshots were fired and later clashes broke out between BJP and TMC workers.[198]
  • On 30 March, Ashok Dinda, BJP's candidate from Moyna, Purba Medinipur was attacked and his vehicle was vandalised during a campaign. He claimed that hundreds of goons, wielding lathi and rods hurled stones at his vehicle. Dinda was injured on his shoulder.[199]
  • On 2 April, the West Bengal Police seized 41 crude bombs in Bhangar constituency.[200]
  • During the third phase of polling, EVM and VVPAT machines were found in the house of a Trinamool Congress politician. Later, the sector officer were suspended.[201]
  • In the fourth phase of polling, there were two major instances of violence, both in Sitalkuchi constituency of Cooch Behar district. In one incident in Pathantuli, a first-time voter Ananda Barman was shot dead by unknown assailants after casting his vote. Both parties claimed he was a worker of theirs, but family members said he was a BJP worker.[202] Elsewhere in Sitalkuchi, CISF personnel who were guarding a polling station in Jorepatki shot dead four villagers, who they alleged were part of a mob attacking them. According to them, the mob attacked them over rumours the security forces had thrashed a local boy and they fired in self-defence. The families of the deceased alleged the firing was deliberate, and that they were simply in a queue to vote.[203][204]
  • During the fifth phase of polling, in the Shantinagar[disambiguation needed] locality of Bidhannagar, bricks and stones were hurled by TMC and BJP booth workers at each other leaving eight people injured [205]
  • BJP candidate, Gopal Chandra Saha was shot at while campaigning in Malda district, he was admitted to a hospital.[206]
  • On 29 April, during the 8th phase of voting crude bombs were hurled near Mahajati Sadan in north Kolkata.[207]


Election result for 292 constituencies was announced on 2 May 2021 from 8:00 am (UTC+5:30), whereas results for 2 constituencies was delayed till 19 May 2021.

213 77 1 1

Vote share by alliance

  AITC (47.94%)
  BJP (38.13%)
  Sanjukta Morcha (9.96%)
  NOTA (1.08%)
  Others (2.89%)
Parties and coalitions Popular vote Seats
Votes % ±pp Contested Won +/−
All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) 28,735,420 47.94 Increase 288 213 Increase2
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 22,850,710 38.13 Increase 291 77 Increase74
Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) 2,837,276 4.73 Decrease 136 0 Decrease26
Indian National Congress (INC) 1,757,131 2.94 Decrease 90 0 Decrease44
Indian Secular Front (ISF) 813,489 1.35 Increase 27 1 Increase1
All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) 318,932 0.53 Decrease 18 0 Decrease3
Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) 126,121 0.21 Decrease 10 0 Decrease2
Communist Party Of India (CPI) 118,655 0.20 Decrease 10 0 Decrease1
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) (T) Faction 163,797 0.27 Steady 3 1 Increase1
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) (B) Faction 103,190 0.17 Decrease 3 0 Decrease3
None of the Above (NOTA) 646,827 1.08
Total 59,935,988 100.0 292 ±0

Alliance Wise Results

AITC and Allies Sanjukta Morcha BJP and Allies
Party Seats Popular vote Party Seats Popular vote Party Seats Popular vote
AITC+ Contestesting Winning Votes % ±pp SNM Contestesting Seats Winning Seats BJP+ Contestesting Seats Winning Seats Votes % ±pp
AITC 290 213 +2 INC 91 0 -44 BJP 293 77 +74
GJM(G) 3 0 -3 CPI(M) 137 0 -26 AJSU 1 0 0
GJM(T) 1 +1 CPI 10 0 -1
IND 1 0 35,429 0.06 RSP 11 0 -3
AIFB 18 0 -2
ISF 28 1 +1
Total 214 +3 Total 1 Total 77

Vote share by Party

  AITC (47.94%)
  BJP (38.13%)
  CPI(M) (4.73%)
  INC (2.94%)
  ISF (1.35%)
  AIFB (0.53%)
  RSP (0.21%)
  CPI (0.20%)
  AJSU (0.10%)
  NOTA (1.08%)
  Others (2.79%)

District wise Results

Region District Total Seats Demographics [208]
TMC + NDA SNM Oth. Hindu Muslim Others
Jalpaiguri division Cooch Behar 9 2 7 0 0 74.06 25.54 0.4
Alipurduar 5 0 5 0 0
Jalpaiguri 7 3 4 0 0 84.16 13.64 2.2
Kalimpong 1 1 0 0 0
Darjeeling 5 0 5 0 0 74.00 11.33 14.67
Total 27 6 21 0 0
Malda division Uttar Dinajpur 9 7 2 0 0 49.31 49.92 0.77
Dakshin Dinajpur 6 3 3 0 0 73.55 24.63 1.83
Malda 12 8 4 0 0 47.99 51.27 0.74
Murshidabad 20 18 2 0 0 33.21 66.27 0.25
Total 47 36 11 0
Presidency division Nadia 17 8 9 0 0 72.15 26.76 1.09
North 24 Parganas 33 28 5 0 0 73.46 25.82 0.72
South 24 Parganas 31 30 0 1 0 63.17 35.57 1.26
Howrah 16 16 0 0 0 72.9 26.2 0.9
Kolkata 11 11 0 0 0 76.5 20.6 2.9
Total 108 93 14 1 0
Medinipur division Purba Medinipur 16 9 7 0 0 85.24 14.59 0.17
Paschim Medinipur 15 13 2 0 0 86.52 9.49 3.99
Jhargram 4 4 0 0 0
Purulia 9 3 6 0 0 83.42 7.12 9.47
Bankura 12 4 8 0 0 84.34 8.07 7.59
Total 56 33 23 0 0
Bardhaman division Hooghly 18 14 4 0 0 82.89 15.77 1.34
Paschim Bardhaman 9 6 3 0 0 84.75 13.32 1.93
Purba Bardhaman 16 16 0 0 0 73.75 25.89 0.37
Birbhum 11 10 1 0 0 62.3 37.1 0.6
Total 54 46 8 0 0

Seat share by alliance

  AITC (72.94%)
  BJP (26.36%)
  SM (0.34%)
  GJM (T) (0.34%)

Results by Polling Phase

Phase of Elections Total Seats TMC+ BJP+ SM Others
First Phase 30 18 12 0 0
Second Phase 30 19 11 0 0
Third Phase 31 27 4 0 0
Fourth Phase 44 31 12 1 0
Fifth Phase 45 28 17 0 0
Sixth Phase 43 35 8 0 0
Seventh Phase 34 25 9 0 0
Eighth Phase 35 31 4 0 0
Total 292 214 77 1 0

Constituency Wise Results

Assembly Constituency Turnout


Winner Runner Up Margin Voting date
# Name Party Candidate Votes % Party Candidate Votes %
Cooch Behar district
1 Mekliganj (SC) AITC Paresh Chandra Adhikary 99338 49.98 BJP Dadhiram Ray 84653 42.59 14685 10 April 2021
2 Mathabhanga (SC) BJP Sushil Barman 113249 52.87 AITC Girindra Nath Barman 87115 40.67 26134
3 Cooch Behar Uttar (SC) BJP Sukumar Roy 120483 49.40 AITC Binay Krishna Barman 105868 43.40 14615
4 Cooch Behar Dakshin BJP Nikhil Ranjan Dey 96629 46.83 AITC Avijit De Bhowmik 91830 44.31 4799
5 Sitalkuchi (SC) BJP Baren Chandra Barman 124955 50.80 AITC Partha Pratim Ray 107140 43.56 17815
6 Sitai (SC) AITC Jagadish Chandra Barma Basunia 117908 49.42 BJP Dipak Kumar Roy 107796 45.18 10112
7 Dinhata BJP Nisith Pramanik 116035 47.60 AITC Udayan Guha 115978 47.58 57
8 Natabari BJP Mihir Goswami 111743 51.45 AITC Rabindra Nath Ghosh 88303 40.66 23440
9 Tufanganj BJP Malati Rava Roy 114503 54.69 AITC Pranab Kumar Dey 83305 39.79 31198
Alipurduar district
10 Kumargram (ST) BJP Manoj Kumar Oraon 111974 48.16 AITC Leos Kujar 100973 43.43 11001 10 April 2021
11 Kalchini (ST) BJP Bishal Lama 103104 52.65 AITC Pasang Lama 74528 38.06 28576
12 Alipurduars BJP Suman Kanjilal 107333 48.19 AITC Sourav Chakraborty 91326 41.00 16007
13 Falakata BJP Dipak Barman 102993 46.71 AITC Subhash Chanda Roy 99003 44.90 3990
14 Madarihat BJP Manoj Tigga 90718 54.35 AITC Rajesh Lakra 61033 36.56 29685
Jalpaiguri district
15 Dhupguri (SC) BJP Bishnu Pada Ray 104688 45.64 AITC Mitali Roy 100333 43.75 4355 17 April 2021
16 Maynaguri (SC) BJP Kaushik Roy 115306 48.84 AITC Manoj Roy 103395 43.79 11911
17 Jalpaiguri (SC) AITC Pradip Kumar Barma 95668 42.34 BJP Sujit Singha 94727 41.93 941
18 Rajganj (SC) AITC Khageswar Roy 104641 48.5 BJP Supen Roy 88868 41.19 15773
19 Dabgram-Phulbari BJP Sikha Chatterjee 129088 49.85 AITC Goutam Deb 101495 39.19 27593
20 Mal (ST) AITC Bulu Chik Baraik 99086 46.46 BJP Mahesh Bagey 93621 43.9 5465
21 Nagrakata (ST) BJP Puna Bhengra 70945 47.78 AITC Joseph Munda 56543 38.08 14402
Kalimpong district
22 Kalimpong 72.57 GJM (Tamang) Ruden Sada Lepcha 58206 37.59 BJP Suva Pradhan 54336 35.09 3870 17 April 2021
Darjeeling district
23 Darjeeling 68.09 BJP Neeraj Zimba 68907 40.88 GJM (Tamang) Keshav Raj Sharma 47631 28.26 21726 17 April 2021
24 Kurseong 73.93 BJP Bishnu Prasad Sharma 73475 41.86 GJM (Tamang) Tshering Lama Dahal 57960 33.02 15515
25 Matigara-Naxalbari (SC) 83.43 BJP Anandamoy Barman 139785 58.10 AITC Rajen Sundas 68454 28.65 70848
26 Siliguri 77.37 BJP Shankar Ghosh 89370 50.03 AITC Om Prakash Mishra 53784 30.11 35586
27 Phansidewa (ST) 86.02 BJP Durga Murmu 105651 50.89 AITC Choton Kisku 77940 37.55 27711
Uttar Dinajpur district
28 Chopra AITC Hamidul Rahaman 124923 61.2 BJP Md. Shahin Akhtar 59604 29.4 65319 22 April 2021
29 Islampur AITC Abdul Karim Chowdhury 100131 58.91 BJP Saumya Roop Mandal 62691 36.88 37440
30 Goalpokhar AITC Md. Ghulam Rabbani 105649 65.4 BJP Gulam Sarwar 32135 19.89 73514
31 Chakulia AITC Minhajul Arfin Azad 86311 49.78 BJP Sachin Prasad 52474 30.26 33837
32 Karandighi AITC Goutam Pal 116594 54.7 BJP Subhash Singha 79968 37.52 36626
33 Hemtabad (SC) AITC Satyajit Burman 116425 52.14 BJP Chandima Roy 89210 39.95 27215
34 Kaliaganj (SC) BJP Soumen Roy 116768 48.71 AITC Tapan Dev Singha 94948 39.61 21820
35 Raiganj BJP Krishna Kalyani 79775 49.44 AITC Kanata Lal Agarwal 59027 36.58 20748
36 Itahar AITC Mosaraf Hossain 114645 59.10 BJP Amit Kumar Kundu 70670 36.43 43975
Dakshin Dinajpur district
37 Kushmandi (SC) AITC Rekha Roy 89968 48.88 BJP Ranjit Kumar Roy 77384 42.08 12584 26 April 2021
38 Kumarganj AITC Toraf Hossain Mondal 89117 52.58 BJP Manas Sarkar 59736 35.24 29381
39 Balurghat BJP Ashok Lahiri 70484 47.25 AITC Sekhar Dasgupta 57585 38.60 12899
40 Tapan (ST) BJP Budhrai Tudu 84381 45.29 AITC Kalpana Kisku 82731 44.41 1650
41 Gangarampur (SC) BJP Satyendra Nath Ray 88724 46.82 AITC Goutam Das 84132 44.40 4592
42 Harirampur AITC Biplab Mitra 96131 51.23 BJP Nilanjan Roy 73459 39.15 22672
Malda district
43 Habibpur (ST) BJP Joyel Murmu 94075 47.52 AITC Prodip Baskey 74558 37.66 19517 26 April 2021
44 Gazole (SC) BJP Chinmoy Deb Barman 100655 45.5 AITC Basanti Barman 98857 44.69 1798
45 Chanchal AITC Nihar Ranjan Ghosh 115966 58.08 BJP Dipankar Ram 48628 24.35 67338
46 Harishchandrapur AITC Tajmul Hossain 122527 60.31 BJP Matibur Rahaman 45054 22.18 77473
47 Malatipur AITC Abdur Rahim Boxi 126157 68.02 BJP Mousumi Das 34208 18.44 91949
48 Ratua AITC Samar Mukherjee 130674 59.63 BJP Abhishek Singhania 55024 25.11 75650
49 Manikchak AITC Sabitri Mitra 110234 53.26 BJP Gour Chandra Mandal 76356 36.89 33878 29 April 2021
50 Maldaha BJP Gopal Chandra Saha 93398 45.23 AITC Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhury 77942 37.75 15456
51 English Bazar BJP Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury 107755 49.96 AITC Krishnendu Narayan Choudhury 87656 40.64 20099
52 Mothabari AITC Yeasmin Sabina 97397 59.70 BJP Shyamchand Ghosh 40824 25.02 56573
53 Sujapur AITC Md. Abdul Ghani 152445 73.44 INC Isha Khan Choudhury 22282 10.73 130163
54 Baisnabnagar AITC Chandana Sarkar 83061 39.81 BJP Swadhin Kumar Sarkar 80590 38.62 2471
Murshidabad district
55 Farakka AITC Manirul Islam 102319 54.89 BJP Hemanta Ghosh 42374 22.73 59945 26 April 2021
56 Samserganj TBD
57 Suti AITC Emani Biswas 127351 58.87 BJP Koushik Das 56650 26.19 70701 26 April 2021
58 Jangipur TBD
59 Raghunathganj AITC Akhruzzaman 126834 66.59 BJP Golam Modaswer 28521 14.97 98313 26 April 2021
60 Sagardighi AITC Subrata Saha 95189 50.95 BJP Mafuja Khatun 44983 24.08 50206
61 Lalgola AITC Mohammad Ali 107860 56.64 INC Abu Hena 47153 24.76 60707
62 Bhagabangola AITC Idris Ali 153795 68.05 CPI(M) Md Kamal Hossain 47787 21.15 106008
63 Raninagar AITC Abdul Soumik Hossain 134957 60.79 INC Firoza Begam 55255 24.89 79702
64 Murshidabad BJP Gouri Shankar Ghosh 95967 41.86 AITC Shaoni Singha Roy 93476 40.78 2491
65 Nabagram (SC) AITC Kanai Chandra Mondal 100455 48.18 BJP Mohan Halder 64922 31.14 35533
66 Khargram (SC) AITC Ashis Marjit 93255 50.15 BJP Aditya Moulik 60682 32.64 32573 29 April 2021
67 Burwan (SC) AITC Jiban Krishna Saha 81890 46.32 BJP Amiya Kumar Das 79141 44.76 2749
68 Kandi AITC Apurba Sarkar 95399 51.16 BJP Goutam Roy 57319 30.74 38080
69 Bharatpur AITC Humayun Kabir 96226 50.90 BJP Iman Kalyan Mukherjee 53143 28.11 43083
70 Rejinagar AITC Rabiul Alam Chowdhury 118494 56.31 BJP Arabinda Biswas 50226 23.87 68268
71 Beldanga AITC SK Hasanuzzaman 112862 55.19 BJP Sumit Ghosh 59030 28.86 53832
72 Baharampur BJP Subrata Maitra 89340 45.21 AITC Naru Gopal Mukherjee 62488 31.62 26852
73 Hariharpara AITC Niamot Sheikh 102660 47.51 INC Mir Alamgir 88594 41.00 14066
74 Naoda AITC Sahina Momtaz Khan 117684 58.16 BJP Anupam Mandal 43531 21.51 74153
75 Domkal AITC Jafikul Islam 127671 56.45 CPI(M) Md Mostafizur Rahaman 80442 35.57 47229
76 Jalangi AITC Abdur Razzak 123840 55.74 CPI(M) Saiful Islam Molla 44564 20.06 79276
Nadia district
77 Karimpur AITC Bimlendu Sinha Roy 110911 50.07 BJP Samarendra Nath Ghosh 87336 39.43 23575 22 April 2021
78 Tehatta AITC Tapas Kumar Saha 97848 44.86 BJP Ashutosh Paul 90933 41.69 6915
79 Palashipara AITC Dr. Manik Bhattacharya 110274 54.22 BJP Bibhash Chandra Mandal 58938 28.98 51336
80 Kaliganj AITC Nasiruddin Ahamed 111696 53.35 BJP Abhijit Ghosh 64709 30.91 46987
81 Nakashipara AITC Kallol Khan 104812 50.01 BJP Santanu Dey 83541 39.86 21271
82 Chapra AITC Rukbanur Rahman 73866 34.65 IND Jeber Sekh 61748 28.97 12118
83 Krishnanagar Uttar BJP Mukul Roy 109357 54.19 AITC Koushani Mukherjee 74268 36.80 35089
84 Nabadwip AITC Pundarikakshya Saha 102170 48.52 BJP Sidhartha Shankar Naskar 83599 39.70 18571
85 Krishnanagar Dakshin AITC Ujjal Biswas 91738 46.88 BJP Mahadev Sarkar 82433 42.13 9305
86 Santipur BJP Jagannath Sarkar 109722 49.94 AITC Ajoy Dey 93844 42.72 15878 17 April 2021
87 Ranaghat Uttar Paschim BJP Parthasarathi Chatterjee 113637 50.91 AITC Sankar Singha 90509 40.55 23128
88 Krishnaganj (SC) BJP Ashis Kumar Biswas 117668 50.73 AITC Dr. Tapas Mandal 96391 41.56 21277
89 Ranaghat Uttar Purba (SC) BJP Ashim Biswas 116786 54.39 AITC Samir Kumar Poddar 85004 39.59 31782
90 Ranaghat Dakshin (SC) BJP Mukut Mani Adhikari 119260 49.34 AITC Barnali Dey Roy 102745 42.51 16515
91 Chakdaha BJP Bankim Chandra Ghosh 99368 46.86 AITC Subhankar Singha 87688 41.35 11680
92 Kalyani (SC) BJP Ambika Roy 97026 44.04 AITC Aniruddha Biswas 94820 43.03 2206
93 Haringhata (SC) BJP Asim Kumar Sarkar 97666 46.31 AITC Nilima Nag 82466 39.11 15200
North 24 Parganas district
94 Bagda (SC) BJP Biswajit Das 108111 49.41 AITC Paritosh Kumar Saha 98319 44.94 9792 22 April 2021
95 Bangaon Uttar (SC) BJP Ashok Kirtania 97761 47.65 AITC Shyamal Roy 87,273 42.54 10488
96 Bangaon Dakshin (SC) BJP Swapan Majumder 97,828 47.07 AITC Alo Rani Sarkar 95824 46.11 2004
97 Gaighata (SC) BJP Subrata Thakur 100,808 47.27 AITC Narottam Biswas 91,230 42.78 9578
98 Swarupnagar (SC) AITC Bina Mondal 99,784 47.11 BJP Brindaban Sarkar 64,984 30.68 34800
99 Baduria AITC Abdur Rahim Quazi 109,701 51.53 BJP Sukalyan Baidya 53,257 25.02 56,444
100 Habra AITC Jyotipriya Mallick 90533 44.34 BJP Biswajit Sinha 86692 42.46 3841
101 Ashoknagar AITC Narayan Goswami 93,587 43.18 BJP Tanuja Chakraborty 70,055 32.32 23,532
102 Amdanga AITC Rafiqur Rahaman 88,935 42.00 BJP Joydev Manna 63,455 29.97 25,480
103 Bijpur AITC Subodh Adhikary 66,625 47.90 BJP Subhranshu Roy 53,278 38.30 13,347
104 Naihati AITC Partha Bhowmick 77753 49.69 BJP Phalguni Patra 58898 37.64 18855
105 Bhatpara BJP Pawan Kumar Singh 57244 53.40 AITC Jitendra Shaw 43557 40.63 13687
106 Jagatdal AITC Somenath Shyam Ichini 87030 48.01 BJP Arindam Bhattacharya 68666 37.88 18364
107 Noapara AITC Manju Basu 94203[209] 48.9 BJP Sunil Singh 67493 35.04 26710
108 Barrackpore AITC Raj Chakraborty 68887 46.47 BJP Chandramani Shukla 59665 40.25 9222
109 Khardaha AITC Kajal Sinha 89807 49.04 BJP Silbhadra Datta 61667 33.67[210] 28140
110 Dum Dum Uttar AITC Chandrima Bhattacharya 95465 44.79 BJP Dr. Archana Majumdar 66966[211] 31.42 28499
111 Panihati AITC Nirmal Ghosh 86,495 49.61 BJP Sanmoy Bandyopadhyay 61,318 35.17 25,177 17 April 2021
112 Kamarhati AITC Madan Mitra 73,845 51.17 BJP Anindya Banerjee 38,437 26.64 35,408
113 Baranagar 72.95 AITC Tapas Roy 85,615 53.42 BJP Parno Mitra 50,468 31.49 35,147
114 Dum Dum AITC Bratya Basu 87,999 47.48 BJP Bimalshankar Nanda 61,368 33.06 26,731
115 Rajarhat New Town AITC Tapash Chatterjee 1,27,374 54.22 BJP Bhaskar Roy 70,942 30.2 56,432
116 Bidhannagar AITC Sujit Bose 75,912 46.85 BJP Sabyasachi Dutta 67,915 41.91 7,997
117 Rajarhat Gopalpur AITC Aditi Munshi 87,650 49.04 BJP Samik Bhattacharya 62,354 34.89 25,296
118 Madhyamgram AITC Rathin Ghosh 1,12,741 48.93 BJP Rajasree Rajbanshi 64,615 28.04 48,126
119 Barasat AITC Chiranjeet Chakraborty 1,04,431 46.27 BJP Sankar Chatterjee 80,648 35.73 23,783
120 Deganga AITC Rahima Mondal 1,00,105 46.7 ISF Karim Ali 67,568 32,537
121 Haroa AITC Islam Sk Nurul (Haji) 1,30,398 57.34 ISF Kutubuddin Fathe 49,420 21.73 80,978
122 Minakhan (SC) AITC Usha Rani Mondal 1,09,818 51.72 BJP Jayanta Mondal 53,988 25.42 55,830
123 Sandeshkhali (ST) AITC Sukumar Mahata 1,12,450 54.64 BJP Dr. Bhaskar Sardar 72,765 35.36 39,685
124 Basirhat Dakshin AITC Dr. Saptarshi Banerjee 1,15,873 49.15 BJP Tarak Nath Ghosh 91,405 38.77 24,468
125 Basirhat Uttar AITC Rafikul Islam Mondal 1,37,216 57.55 ISF Md. Baijid Amin 47,865 89,351
126 Hingalganj (SC) AITC Debes Mandal 1,04,706 53.78 BJP Nemai Das 79,790 40.98 24,916
South 24 Parganas district
127 Gosaba (SC) AITC Jayanta Naskar 1,05,723 53.99 BJP Barun Pramanik (Chitta) 82,014 41.88 23,709 1 April 2021
128 Basanti (SC) AITC Shyamal Mondal 1,11,453 52.1 BJP Ramesh Majhi 60,811 28.43 50,642 6 April 2021
129 Kultali (SC) AITC Ganesh Chandra Mondal 1,17,238 51.57 BJP Mintu Halder 70,061 30.82 47,177
130 Patharpratima AITC Samir Kumar Jana 1,20,181 51.85 BJP Asit Kumar Haldar 98,047 42.3 22,134 1 April 2021
131 Kakdwip AITC Manturam Pakhira 1,14,493 52.14 BJP Dipankar Jana 89,191 40.62 25,302
132 Sagar AITC Bankim Chandra Hazra 1,29,000 53.96 BJP Kamila Bikash 99,154 41.48 29846
133 Kulpi AITC Jogaranjan Halder 96,577 50.01 BJP Pranab Kumar Mallik 62,759 32.5 33,818 6 April 2021
134 Raidighi AITC Aloke Jaldata 1,15,707 48.47 BJP Santanu Bapuli 80,139 33.57 35568
135 Mandirbazar (SC) AITC Joydeb Halder 95,834 48.04 BJP Dilip Kumar Jatua 72,342 36.26 23,492
136 Jaynagar (SC) AITC Biswanath Das 1,04,952 51.85 BJP Rabin Sardar 66,269 32.74 38,683
137 Baruipur Purba (SC) AITC Bivas Sardar (Vobo) 1,23,243 54.75 BJP Chandan Mondal 73,602 32.7 49,641
138 Canning Paschim (SC) AITC Paresh Ram Das 1,11,059 50.86 BJP Arnab Roy 75,816 34.72 35,243
139 Canning Purba AITC Saokat Molla 1,22,301 52.54 ISF Gazi Shahabuddin Siraji 69,294 53,007
140 Baruipur Paschim AITC Biman Banerjee 1,21,006 57.27 BJP Debopam Chattopadhyaya (Babu) 59,096 27.97 61,910
141 Magrahat Purba (SC) AITC Namita Saha 1,10,945 53.82 BJP Chandan Kumar Naskar 56,866 27.58 54,079
142 Magrahat Paschim AITC Gias Uddin Molla 97,006 49.93 BJP Dhurjati Saha (Manas) 50,065 25.77 46,941
143 Diamond Harbour AITC Pannalal Halder 98,478 43.69 BJP Dipak Kumar Halder 81,482 36.15 16996
144 Falta AITC Sankar Kumar Naskar 1,17,179 56.35 BJP Bidhan Parui 76,405 36.75 40,774
145 Satgachia AITC Mohan Chandra Naskar 1,18,635 50.37 BJP Chandan Pal 95,317 40.47 23,318
146 Bishnupur (South 24 Parganas) (SC) AITC Dilip Mondal 1,36,509 57.46 BJP Agniswar Naskar 77,677 32.7 58,832
147 Sonarpur Dakshin AITC Arundhuti Maitra (Lovely) 1,09,222 46.92 BJP Anjana Basu 83,041 35.67 26,181 10 April 2021
148 Bhangar ISF Nawsad Siddique 1,09,237 45.1 AITC Karim Rezaul 83,086 34.31 26,151
149 Kasba AITC Javed Ahmed Khan 1,21,372 54.39 BJP Dr. Indranil Khan 57,750 25.88 63,622
150 Jadavpur AITC Debabrata Majumdar (Malay) 98,100 45.54 CPI(M) Dr. Sujan Chakraborty 59,231 38,869
151 Sonarpur Uttar AITC Firdousi Begum 1,19,957 49.88 BJP Ranjan Baidya 83,867 34.87 36,090
152 Tollygunge AITC Aroop Biswas 1,01,440 51.4 BJP Babul Supriyo 51,360 26.02 50,080
153 Behala Purba AITC Ratna Chatterjee 1,10,968 50.01 BJP Payel Sarkar 73,540 33.15 37,428
154 Behala Paschim AITC Partha Chatterjee 1,14,778 49.51 BJP Srabanti Chatterjee 63,894 27.56 50,884
155 Maheshtala AITC Dulal Chandra Das 1,24,008 56.38 BJP Umesh Das 66,059 30.03 57,949
156 Budge Budge AITC Ashok Kumar Deb 1,22,357 56.41 BJP Dr. Tarun Kumar Adak 77,643 35.8 44,714
157 Metiaburuz AITC Abdul Khaleque Molla 1,51,066 76.85 BJP Ramjit Prasad 31,462 16 1,19,604
Kolkata district
158 Kolkata Port AITC Firhad Hakim 1,05,543 69.23 BJP Awadh Kishore Gupta 36,989 24.26 68,554 26 April 2021
159 Bhabanipur AITC Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay 73,505 57.71 BJP Rudranil Ghosh 44,786 35.16 28,719
160 Rashbehari AITC Debasish Kumar 65,704 52.79 BJP Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Subrata Saha 44,290 35.59 21,414
161 Ballygunge AITC Subrata Mukherjee 1,06,585 70.6 BJP Lokenath Chatterjee 31,226 20.68 75,359
162 Chowrangee AITC Nayna Bandyopadhyay 70,101 62.87 BJP Devdutta Maji 24,757 22.2 45,344 29 April 2021
163 Entally AITC Swarna Kamal Saha 1,01,709 64.83 BJP Priyanka Tibrewal 43,452 27.7 58,257
164 Beleghata AITC Paresh Paul 1,03,182 65.1 BJP Kashinath Biswas 36,042 22.74 67,140
165 Jorasanko 49.79[212] AITC Vivek Gupta 52,123 52.67 BJP Meena Devi Purohit 39,380 39.8 12,743
166 Shyampukur AITC Dr. Shashi Panja 55,785 54.18 BJP Sandipan Biswas 33,265 32.31 22,520
167 Maniktala AITC Sadhan Pande 67,577 50.82 BJP Kalyan Chaubey 47,339 35.6 20,238
168 Kashipur-Belgachia AITC Atin Ghosh 76,182 56.48 BJP Sibaji Sinha Roy 40,792 30.24 35,390
Howrah district
169 Bally AITC Rana Chatterjee 53,347 42.38 BJP Baishali Dalmiya 47,110 37.43 6,237 10 April 2021
170 Howrah Uttar AITC Gautam Chowdhuri 71,575 47.81 BJP Umesh Rai 66,053 44.12 5,522
171 Howrah Madhya AITC Arup Roy 1,11,554 57.16 BJP Sanjay Singh 65,007 33.31 46,547
172 Shibpur AITC Manoj Tiwary 92,372 50.69 BJP Rathin Chakrabarty 59,769 32.8 32,603
173 Howrah Dakshin AITC Nandita Chowdhury 1,16,839 53.85 BJP Rantidev Sengupta 66,270 30.55 50,569
174 Sankrail (SC) AITC Priya Paul 1,11,888 50.37 BJP Probhakar Pandit 71,461 32.17 40,427
175 Panchla AITC Gulsan Mullick 1,04,572 48.19 BJP Mohit Lal Ghanti 71,821 33.1 32,751
176 Uluberia Purba AITC Bidesh Ranjan Bose 86,526 44.83 BJP Pratyush Mandal 69,400 35.95 17,126
177 Uluberia Uttar (SC) AITC Dr. Nirmal Maji 91,501 49.25 BJP Chiran Bera 70,498 37.95 21,003 6 April 2021
178 Uluberia Dakshin AITC Pulak Roy 1,01,880 50.37 BJP Papia Dey (Adhikary) 73,442 36.31 28,438
179 Shyampur AITC Kalipada Mandal 1,14,804 51.74 BJP Tanusree Chakraborty 83,293 37.54 31,511
180 Bagnan AITC Arunava Sen (Raja) 1,06,042 53.04 BJP Anupam Mallik 75,922 37.97 30,120
181 Amta AITC Sukanta Kumar Paul 1,02,445 49.06 BJP Debtanu Bhattacharya 76,240 36.51 26,205
182 Udaynarayanpur AITC Samir Kumar Panja 1,01,510 51.21 BJP Sumit Ranjan Karar 87,512 44.15 13,998
183 Jagatballavpur AITC Sitanath Ghosh 1,16,562 49.45 BJP Anupam Ghosh 87,366 37.06 29196
184 Domjur AITC Kalyan Ghosh 1,30,499 52 BJP Rajib Banerjee 87,879 35.01 42620 10 April 2021
Hooghly district
185 Uttarpara AITC Kanchan Mullick 93,878 46.96 BJP Prabir Kumar Ghosal 57,889 28.96 35,989 10 April 2021
186 Sreerampur AITC Dr. Sudipto Roy 93,021 49.46 BJP Kabir Shankar Bose 69,588 37 23,433
187 Champdani AITC Arindam Guin (Bubai) 1,00,972 50.2 BJP Dilip Singh 70,894 35.25 30,078
188 Singur AITC Becharam Manna 1,01,077 48.15 BJP Rabindranath Bhattacharya 75,154 35.8 25,923
189 Chandannagar AITC Indranil Sen 86,778 47.63 BJP Deepanjan Kumar Guha 55,749 30.6 31,029
190 Chunchura AITC Asit Mazumder (Tapan) 1,17,104 45.97 BJP Locket Chatterjee 98,687 38.74 18,417
191 Balagarh (SC) AITC Manoranjan Byapari 1,00,364 45.63 BJP Subhas Chandra Haldar 94,580 43 5,784
192 Pandua AITC Dr. Ratna De Nag 1,02,874 45.99 BJP Partha Sharma 71,016 31.75 31,858
193 Saptagram AITC Tapan Dasgupta 93,328 48.56 BJP Debabrata Biswas 83,556 43.48 9,772
194 Chanditala AITC Swati Khandoker 1,03,118 49.79 BJP Yash Dasgupta 61,771 29.83 41,347
195 Jangipara AITC Snehasis Chakraborty 1,01,885 48.42 BJP Debjit Sarkar 83,959 39.9 17,926 6 April 2021
196 Haripal AITC Dr. Karabi Manna 1,10,215 49.92 BJP Samiran Mitra 87,143 39.47 23,072
197 Dhanekhali (SC) AITC Asima Patra 1,24,776 53.36 BJP Tusar Kumar Majumdar 94,617 40.46 30,159
198 Tarakeswar AITC Ramendu Sinharay 96,698 46.96 BJP Dr. Swapan Dasgupta 89,214 43.33 7484
199 Pursurah BJP Biman Ghosh 1,19,334 53.5 AITC Dilip Yadav 91,156 40.86 28,178
200 Arambagh (SC) BJP Madhusudan Bag 1,03,108 46.88 AITC Sujata Mondal 95,936 43.62 7,172
201 Goghat (SC) BJP Biswanath Karak 1,02,227 46.56 AITC Manas Majumdar 98,080 44.67 4,147
202 Khanakul BJP Susanta Ghosh 1,07,403 49.27 AITC Munsi Nazbul Karim 94,519 43.36 12,884
Purba Medinipur district
203 Tamluk AITC Saumen Kumar Mahapatra 1,08,243 45.86 BJP Hare Krishna Bera 1,07,450 45.52 793 1 April 2021
204 Panskura Purba AITC Biplab Roy Chowdhury 91,213 45.97 BJP Debabrata Pattanayek 81,553 41.11 9,660
205 Panskura Paschim AITC Phiroja Bibi 1,11,705 47.71 BJP Sintu Senapati 1,02,816 43.91 8,889
206 Moyna BJP Ashoke Dinda 1,08,109 48.17 AITC Sangram Kumar Dolai 1,06,849 47.61 1,260
207 Nandakumar AITC Sukumar De 1,08,181 47.6 BJP Nilanjan Adhikary 1,02,775 45.22 5,406
208 Mahisadal AITC Tilak Kumar Chakraborty 1,01,986 46.49 BJP Biswanath Banerjee 99,600 45.41 2,386
209 Haldia (SC) BJP Tapasi Mondal 1,04,126 47.15 AITC Swapan Naskar 89,118 40.36 15,008
210 Nandigram 88.01 BJP Suvendu Adhikari 1,10,764 48.49 AITC Mamata Banerjee 1,08,808 47.64 1,956
211 Chandipur AITC Soham Chakraborty 1,09,770 49.82 BJP Pulak Kanti Guria 96,298 43.71 13,472
212 Patashpur AITC Uttam Barik 1,05,299 50.42 BJP Ambujaksha Mahanti 95,305 45.64 9,994 27 March 2021
213 Kanthi Uttar BJP Sumita Sinha 1,13,524 49.7 AITC Tarun Kumar Jana 1,04,194 45.62 9,330
214 Bhagabanpur BJP Rabindranath Maity 1,21,480 54.46 AITC Ardhendu Maity 93,931 42.19 27,549
215 Khejuri (SC) BJP Santanu Pramanik 1,10,407 51.93 AITC Partha Pratim Das 92,442 43.48 17,965
216 Kanthi Dakshin BJP Arup Kumar Das 98,477 50.58 AITC Jyotirmoy Kar 88,184 45.3 10,293
217 Ramnagar AITC Akhil Giri 1,12,622 50.72 BJP Swadesh Ranjan Nayak 1,00,105 45.08 12,517
218 Egra AITC Tarun Kumar Maity 1,25,763 52.22 BJP Arup Dash 1,07,272 44.55 18,491
Paschim Medinipur district
219 Dantan AITC Bikram Chandra Pradhan 94,609 48.18 BJP Saktipada Nayak 93,834 47.79 775 27 March 2021
Jhargram district
220 Nayagram (ST) AITC Dulal Murmu 99,825 52.52 BJP Bakul Murmu 77,089 40.55 22,736 27 March 2021
221 Gopiballavpur AITC Dr. Khagendra Nath Mahata 1,02,710 52.34 BJP Sanjit Mahata 79,106 40.31 23,604
222 Jhargram AITC Birbaha Hansda 1,08,044 54.34 BJP Sukhamay Satpathy (Jahar) 70,048 35.23 37,996
Paschim Medinipur district
223 Keshiary (ST) AITC Paresh Murmu 1,06,366 50.01 BJP Sonali Murmu 91,036 42.8 15,330 27 March 2021
224 Kharagpur Sadar BJP Hiran Chatterjee 79,607 46.45 AITC Pradip Sarkar 75,836 44.25 3,771 1 April 2021
225 Narayangarh AITC Suryakanta Atta 1,00,894 46.33 BJP Ramprasad Giri 98,478 45.23 2,416
226 Sabang AITC Manas Bhunia 1,12,098 47.46 BJP Amulya Maity 1,02,234 43.28 9,864
227 Pingla AITC Ajit Maity 1,12,435 49.17 BJP Antara Bhattacharya 1,05,779 46.26 6,656
228 Kharagpur AITC Dinen Ray 1,09,727 54.85 BJP Tapan Bhuiya 73,497 36.74 36,230 27 March 2021
229 Debra AITC Humayun Kabir 95,850 46.79 BJP Bharati Ghosh 84,624 41.31 11,226 1 April 2021
230 Daspur AITC Mamata Bhunia 1,14,753 51.58 BJP Prashanth Bera 87,911 39.52 26,842
231 Ghatal BJP Shital Kapat 1,05,812 46.95 AITC Shankar Dolui 1,04,846 46.52 966
232 Chandrakona (SC) AITC Arup Dhara 1,21,846 48.87 BJP Shibram Das 1,10,565 44.35 11,281
233 Garbeta AITC Uttara Singha 94,928 45.71 BJP Madan Ruidas 84,356 40.62 10,572 27 March 2021
234 Salboni AITC Srikanta Mahata 1,26,020 50.57 BJP Rajib Kundu 93,376 37.47 32,644
235 Keshpur AITC Siuli Saha 1,16,992 50.81 BJP Pritish Ranjan 96,272 41.82 20,720 1 April 2021
236 Medinipur AITC June Malia 1,21,175 50.72 BJP Shamit Dash 96,778 40.51 24,397 27 March 2021
Jhargram district
237 Binpur (ST) AITC Debnath Hansda 99,786 53.18 BJP Palan Saren 60,213 32.09 39,573 27 March 2021
Purulia district
238 Bandwan (ST) AITC Rajib Lochan Saren 1,12,183 47.07 BJP Parsi Murmu 93,298 39.14 18,885 27 March 2021
239 Balarampur BJP Baneswar Mahato 88,803 45.17 AITC Shantiram Mahato 88,530 45.03 2733
240 Baghmundi AITC Sushanta Mahato 75,245 36.76 AJSU Ashutosh Mahato 61,510 30.05 13,735
241 Joypur BJP Narahari Mahato 73,713 36.66 INC Phanibhushan Kumar 61,611 30.64 12,102
242 Purulia BJP Sudip Kumar Mukherjee 88,899 43.33 AITC Sujoy Banerjee 82,134 40.12 6,585
243 Manbazar (ST) AITC Sandhyarani Tudu 1,02,169 48.39 BJP Gouri Singh Sardar 86,679 41.05 15,490
244 Kashipur BJP Kamalakanta Hansda 92,061 47.68 AITC Swapan Kumar Beltharia 84,829 43.93 7,240
245 Para (SC) BJP Nadiar Chand Bouri 86,930 45.01 AITC Umapada Bauri 82,986 42.96 3944
246 Raghunathpur (SC) BJP Vivekananda Bauri 94,994 44.59 AITC Bouri Hazari 89,671 42.04 5,323
Bankura district
247 Saltora (SC) BJP Chandana Bauri 91,648 45.28 AITC Santosh Kumar Mondal 87,503 43.23 4,145 27 March 2021
248 Chhatna BJP Satyanarayan Mukhopadhyay 90,233 45.84 AITC Subasish Batabyal 83,069 42.20 7,164
249 Ranibandh (ST) AITC Jyotsna Mandi 90,928 43.06 BJP Kshudiram Tudu 86,989 41.19 3,939
250 Raipur (ST) AITC Mrityunjoy Murmu 1,01,043 51.96 BJP Sudhanshu Hansda 81,645 41.98 19,398
251 Taldangra AITC Arup Chakraborty 92,026 45.29 BJP Shyamal Kumar Sarkar 79,649 39.20 12,377 1 April 2021
252 Bankura BJP Niladri Sekhar Dana 95,466 43.79 AITC Sayantika Banerjee 93,998 43.12 1,468
253 Barjora AITC Alok Mukherjee 93,290 42.51 BJP Supriti Chatterjee 90,021 41.02 3,269
254 Onda BJP Amarnath Shakha 10,4940 46.48 AITC Arup Kumar Khan 93,389 41.37 11,551
255 Bishnupur (Bankura) BJP Tanmay Ghosh 88,743 46.79 AITC Archita Bid 77,610 40.92 11,133
256 Katulpur (SC) BJP Harakali Protiher 10,6022 47.31 AITC Sangeeta Malik 94,237 42.05 11,785
257 Indas (SC) BJP Nirmal Kumar Dhara 1,04,936 48.04 AITC Runu Mete 97,716 44.73 7,220
258 Sonamukhi (SC) BJP Dibakar Gharami 98,161 47.25 AITC Dr Shyamal Santra 87,273 42.01 10,888
Purba Bardhaman district
259 Khandaghosh (SC) AITC Nabin Chandra Bag 1,04,264 47.85 BJP Bijan Mandal 83,378 38.26 20,886 17 April 2021
260 Bardhaman Dakshin AITC Khokan Das 91,015 44.32 BJP Sandip Nandi 82,910 40.38 8,105
261 Raina (SC) AITC Shampa Dhara 1,08,752 47.46 BJP Manik Roy 90,547 39.51 18,205
262 Jamalpur (SC) AITC Alok Kumar Majhi 96,999 46.93 BJP Balaram Bapari 79,028 38.24 17,971
263 Manteswar AITC Chowdhury Siddiqullah 1,05,460 50.45 BJP Saikat Panja 73,655 35.24 31,805
264 Kalna (SC) AITC Deboprasad Bag (Poltu) 96,073 45.98 BJP Biswajit Kundu 88,595 42.4 7,478
265 Memari AITC Madhusudan Bhattacharya 1,04,851 47.92 BJP Bhismadeb Bhattacharya 81,773 37.37 23,078
266 Bardhaman Uttar (SC) AITC Nisith Kumar Malik 1,11,211 45.97 BJP Radha Kanta Roy 93,943 38.83 17,268
267 Bhatar AITC Adhikari Mangobinda 1,08,028 50.44 BJP Mahendranath Kowar 76,287 35.62 31,741 22 April 2021
268 Purbasthali Dakshin AITC Swapan Debnath 1,05,698 49.08 BJP Rajib Kumar Bhowmick 88,288 41 17,410
269 Purbasthali Uttar AITC Tapan Chatterjee 92,421 43.52 BJP Gobardhan Das 85,715 40.37 6,706
270 Katwa AITC Rabindranath Chatterjee 1,07,894 48.07 BJP Shyama Majumdar 98,739 43.99 9,155
271 Ketugram AITC Sekh Sahonawez 1,00,226 46.55 BJP Anadi Ghosh (Mathura) 87,543 40.66 12,683
272 Mangalkot AITC Apurba Chowdhury (Achal) 1,07,596 49.51 BJP Rana Protap Goswami 85,259 39.23 22,337
273 Ausgram (SC) AITC Abhedananda Thander 1,00,392 46.25 BJP Kalita Maji 88,577 40.8 11,815
274 Galsi (SC) AITC Nepal Ghorui 1,09,504 49.21 BJP Bikash Biswas 90,242 40.55 19,262
Paschim Bardhaman district
275 Pandaveswar AITC Narendranath Chakraborty 73922 44.99 BJP Jitendra Tiwari 70119 42.68 3803 26 April 2021
276 Durgapur Purba AITC Pradip Mazumdar 79303 41.16 BJP Colonel Diptansu Chaudhury 75557 39.21 3746
277 Durgapur Paschim BJP Lakshman Chandra Ghorui 91186 46.31 AITC Biswanath Parial 76522 38.86 14664
278 Raniganj AITC Tapas Banerjee 78164 42.90 BJP Dr. Bijan Mukherjee 74608 40.95 3556
279 Jamuria AITC Hareram Singh 71002 42.59 BJP Tapas Kumar Roy 62951 37.76 8051
280 Asansol Dakshin BJP Agnimitra Paul 87881 45.13 AITC Sayani Ghosh 83394 42.82 4487
281 Asansol Uttar AITC Moloy Ghatak 100931 52.32 BJP Krishnendu Mukherjee 79821 41.38 21110
282 Kulti BJP Ajay Kumar Poddar 81112 46.41 AITC Ujjal Chatterjee 80433 46.02 679
283 Barabani AITC Bidhan Upadhyay 88430 52.26 BJP Arijit Roy 64973 38.40 23457
Birbhum district
284 Dubrajpur (SC) BJP Anup Kumar Saha 98,083 47.94 AITC Debabrata Saha 94,220 46.05 3,863 29 April 2021
285 Suri AITC Bikash Roychoudhury 1,05,871 48.43 BJP Jagannath Chattopadhyay 98,551 45.08 7,320
286 Bolpur AITC Sinha Chandranath 1,16,443 50.57 BJP Anirban Ganguly 94,163 40.89 22,280
287 Nanoor (SC) AITC Bidhan Chandra Majhi 1,12,116 47.64 BJP Tarakeswar Saha 1,05,446 44.81 6670
288 Labpur AITC Abhijit Sinha (Rana) 1,08,423 51.14 BJP Biswajit Mondal 90,448 42.66 17,975
289 Sainthia (SC) AITC Nilabati Saha 1,10,572 49.84 BJP Piya Saha 95,329 42.97 15,243
290 Mayureswar AITC Abhijit Roy 1,00,425 50.36 BJP Shyamapada Mondal 88,350 44.3 12,075
291 Rampurhat AITC Asish Banerjee 1,03,276 47.52 BJP Subhasis Choudhury (Khokan) 94,804 43.62 8,472
292 Hansan AITC Dr. Asok Kumar Chattopadhyay 1,08,289 51.42 BJP Nikhil Banerjee 57,676 27.39 50,613
293 Nalhati AITC Rajendra Prasad Singh (Raju Singh) 1,17,438 56.54 BJP Tapas Kumar Yadav(Ananda Yadav) 60,533 29.15 56,905
294 Murarai AITC Dr Mosarraf Hossain 1,46,496 67.23 BJP Debasish Roy 48,250 22.14 98,246

Nandigram Controversy

On 18 January Mamata Banerjee announced at a rally in Nandigram that she would contest the upcoming assembly elections from Nandigram. Hours later, Suvendu Adhikari said he would defeat the CM by a margin of at least 50,000 votes or quit politics.[213][214]

Some Left cadres went to the house of the locals and had reportedly said "This time Rama (indicating BJP as 'Jay Shree Rām' is the slogan used by the Saffron Party), next time Left."[215]

Adhikari even attempted communal polarisation in Nandigram and started saying things that attempt to divide Hindus and Muslims.[216][217] (Even Amit Shah[218] and Narendra Modi[219][220] were accused of attempting communal polarisation in West Bengal.)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was likely to address over 20 rallies and Home Minister Amit Shah 50 in poll-bound Bengal.[221][222]

On 10 March Banerjee filed her nomination at the Haldia sub-divisional office headquarters. Around 6:15 pm she got injured when she was about to leave the Birulia market area. She alleged that she was pushed by "four-five people" who manhandled her and slammed the door of her car on her foot. Banerjee was taken to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for treatment.[223][224][225] BJP MP Subramanian Swamy had directly made a call to Mamata Banerjee's office and inquired about the health of the Chief Minister. Later, he also gave a statement wishing her recovery.[226] Two days after being admitted, she left the hospital on a wheelchair with her left foot plastered. Doctors at the SSKM Hospital took the decision after the Trinamool supremo repeatedly requested them to discharge her from the medical establishment.[227] Eyewitness Nitai Maity, a sweet shopkeeper, had said "The crowd was already there. But as soon as the car arrived, it was as if the area was flooded with people. There was a bit of pushing. In the meantime, Mamata Banerjee had just opened the front door of the car and had just stepped out. Suddenly there was a push from outside and the door closed. Mamata Banerjee suddenly fell to the ground with a severe leg injury."[228] Others (some of whom were found to be supporters or workers of the BJP) claimed that the car door collided with an iron beam.[229][230] Showing Mamata's car (White Scorpio SUV, Number: WB 02 AN 5555), Firhad Hakim claimed 'It is a lie and propaganda that the car was hit by an iron beam. The iron beam collied, but the car does not have a scratch! Even a child will not accept this theory. So on what basis are the oppositions bringing forward such a theory?'[231] Medinipur DIG Kunal Agarwal, District Magistrate Bivu Goel and Superintendent of Police Praveen Prakash went to Birulia Bazar in Nandigram on Thursday morning to collect statements of eyewitnesses before sending their report to the Election Commission. TMC and BJP workers clashed in front of the DM and the SP. The Trinamool leadership stated that most of those who were giving statements as eyewitnesses were BJP workers and asked 'If they are really 'eyewitnesses' then why did they go near the Chief Minister's convoy in that crowd (despite being workers of the BJP)?' Paritosh Jana, TMC President of Birulia region, said "The BJP had planted some drunken people into the crowd. They attacked the Chief Minister pretending to have a view of her. They pushed the Supremo when she opened the car's door and was about to step out. The CM did not name any political party. She had only spoken of miscreants. But the BJP is opposing in advance. (They are) giving slogans against the CM. We firmly believe that it is the work of the BJP. It's just like 'the loud voice of a thief's mother'." Anima Hait, a local Trinamool gram panchayat member, said "I've heard that 4-5 people pushed her (Mamata Banerjee). On Thursday morning, when our workers were informing the administration and the media about that, BJP's men assaulted them."[232] On that day (11 March) Purba Medinipur District Police registerd a case against some unknown men for attacking Mamata Banerjee after receiving a complaint from Sheikh Sufiyan, TMC leader and Ms Banerjee's Nandigram election agent[233].[234][235] (On 26 March the Supreme Court ordered stay on arrest warrant against Mr. Sufiyan.[236][237]) On 30 March at the end of a rally Mamata stood up in honor of the National Anthem. This was the only instance during her election campaign when she got up from her wheelchair.[238] Later on, a shocking information came to light. According to police sources, the intelligence department had earlier warned that two miscreants could attack Ms. Banerjee in Nandigram. Among them was a man named Armaan Bhola, close aide of Suvendu Adhikari. The input sent by the detectives before March 10 said that there could be an 'ink attack' on the CM and it had clearly indicated the possibility of the attack in Birulia.[239]

On 13 March Yashwant Sinha joined TMC at Trinamool Bhavan. About this decision he said “The tipping point was the attack (the alleged Nandigram incident in which Mamata hurt her left foot). This (BJP) government can do anything to win an election,” and that he will work together with Mamata Banerjee to save democracy. “She has always been a fighter” said Sinha while disclosing that Mamata had offered to be a hostage as part of a negotiation strategy during the Kandahar hijacking crisis. “She was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the country” Sinha added.[240][241]

On 15 March Adhikari sought removal of Banerjee's electoral roll from Nandigram alleging that the Bengal CM withheld information about six criminal cases against her while filing her nomination affidavit.[242][243] News came in later that at least one of the cases mentioned by BJP — a CBI case in Asansol — had to do with “a different Mamata Banerjee and not the Bengal CM”.[244][245] During a workers' meeting on 16 March, Suvendu said "Mamata's intention is to ruin my political career."[246][247][248] Later on Sisir Adhikari also told Locket Chatterjee that Mamata decided to contest from Nandigram "to finish Suvendu".[249] On 17 March local women protested with brooms and shoes before Suvendu's convoy in Nandigram.[250][248] On the same day TMC demanded cancellation of the nomination of Suvendu Adhikari alleging that Adhikari filed “false particulars of his residence” in his nomination paper.[251][252] Next day, Nandigram was heated around Shuvendu Adhikari's programme. Trinamool and BJP workers clashed in Sonachura. Several people from both sides were admitted to the hospital in bloody condition.[253][254] On 22 March Trinamool's Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien lodged a complaint to Election Commission that Suvendu was giving shelter to 'outsiders' at four houses of Nandigram, mentioning addresses of each houses.[255] The next day, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar told ABP Ananda that BJP goons are terrorising the people of Khodambari and Haridevpur (probably mistaken for Haripur) in Nandigram.[256] On 26 March Suvendu had to face another protest while campaigning in Nandigram. The protesters were chanting 'Chor chor chor ta. Sisir babur chele ta' (which roughly translates to 'the son of Mr. Sisir is a thief').[257][258] On the same day, Derek O’Brien and Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar complained to EC that Suvendu was gathering miscreants in some constituencies to create unrest.[259][260] Next day, a woman was injured in bombing and TMC blocked road in protest.[261] BJP-backed miscreants also attacked three Trinamool workers. One of them, Rabin Manna, was admitted to SSKM Hospital with serious injuries.[262] TMC protesters again targeted Suvendu's convoy on 29 March while he was returning from a rally.[263][264][265] On 31 March Ms Banerjee said at a rally in Goghat that her car was attacked once again in Nandigram a day ago when she visited the house of Rabin Manna, adding that she had photographs and videos as proof and would take up the issue after the elections. She said "How dare they attack my car! I kept mum only because the elections are on. Or else I would have seen how big they have grown." Her message to the attackers of Rabin Manna was "Wherever you may go, if you think you will get rid of (punishment) for killing Rabin Manna, I will pull you back by the ears."[266][267][268][269][270]

On the eve of polling in Nandigram, Election Commission ordered the transfer of the sub-divisional police officer of Haldia and the circle inspector of Mahishadal in Purba Medinipur district to non-election assignments.[271] Sisir Adhikari's telephonic conversation got viral on the same day. Sisir had called up Kaizar Sheikh, the TMC president of Amdabad II (a gram panchayat of Nandigram II block) and urged him to help get votes in favour of his son Suvendu Adhikari. Later, Kaizar said "I will not respond to the calls of 'gaddars' (traitors), who left the party after making a huge amount of money. I am a true liutenant of Mamata Banerjee and would continue to be the same."[272]

On the day of second phase polling i.e. 1 April, while visiting booths in Nandigram Suvendu had to face 'go back' slogans at Satengabari.[273] At afternoon the Chief Minister visited some booth across the Nandigram constituency where local TMC leaders complained that their election agents were not being allowed to enter booths. In Boyal, villagers had alleged that BJP supporters had stopped them from going to polling booths. Ms Banerjee sat in a wheelchair outside booth 7 in Boyal for two hours amidst complaints that BJP workers were not allowing voting to take place there. She demanded re-polling in booth number 7 and also reportedly made a telephone call to Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar from the booth with the complaint that BJP was fomenting violence. Reporters, security forces and bystanders swarmed the rural school. At around 3:45 pm, Ms Banerjee was helped out by police and Central forces.[274] BJP claimed, 2% of the votes were low due to the Chief Minister's dharna ignoring section 144 in front of booth no. 7 in Boyal. But according to the report of the Election Commission, the turnout in Nandigram had increased this time. In 2016, where 87.14 per cent votes were cast, this time the turnout was 88.01 per cent. So EC rejected BJP's theory of low turnout and announced that no re-polling would take place in Nandigram.[275]

A day after the polling, stray clashes took place between workers of the TMC and the BJP in some parts of Nandigram.[276]

On 3 April Mamata said at a rally in Raydighi "Rabin Manna's wife was telling me 'Didi, they (BJP goons) are threatening to abduct my daughter. Didi, they are threatening to kidnap my child.' I said 'Where are you?' " Mamata claimed that the woman had to take refuge with a local minority family for fear of BJP's outsider goons.[277] After 14 days of fighting, Rabin Manna finally died on 9 April around 4:30 am at SSKM Hospital.[262] Drawing on the issue, Mamata Banerjee said at a rally in Bardhaman "Rabin of Nandigram has died today. The BJP has murdered him. Police did not arrest the murderer. It seems that section 357 has been issued in the state."[278] Rabin's body was taken to the party office of Trinamool Congress in Nandigram block. There, TMC supporters paid their last respects to him.[279]

On 8 April the EC issued a notice to Suvendu Adhikari for communal overtones in his 29 March speech in Nandigram. In that speech Suvendu was making references to one "Begum" (a veiled dig at Mamata Banerjee).[280][281][282] In his reply to the EC notice, Suvendu Adhikari claimed that he never made any personal attack or derogatory remarks against any political leader. However, on 13 April, the EC issued a warning to him for making derogatory statements in his speech.[283]

On 15 April Ms Banerjee, in a live interview on ABP Ananda, said that already 15 TMC workers have died in poll violence. About Nandigram polling, she said that BJP party workers rigged 10 booths with the help of central force and as a compensation for that, she had to sit outside a booth for hours because if she hadn't sat there on that day, their plan was to rig 70 booths.[284]

Banerjee said on 18 April that her plaster will remain for one more week as per doctors' suggestion.[285] In an interview to News18 Bangla on the same day, she said "BJP has brought 1.5 lakh (central) force and more than 1 lakh outsiders (to West Bengal) without doing their covid test." About Nandigram she said "I was sitting at a booth for 3 hours because they (BJP) had plan to rig 70 booths but I prevented that. They had rigged 10 booths and for that they will loot 10-15-20 thousand votes."[286][287][288] On 25 April she indicated in a virtual rally that her leg injury had “substantially improved” and her plaster would be removed after she returns home. The plaster was removed on 27 April.[289][290][291][292]

Home Minister Amit Shah was bent on winning Bengal this time. He not only held rallies there, but also used Central government agencies to strengthen his party’s position.[293] Dilip Ghosh, who is famous for his controversial remarks, made below-the-belt attack on the incumbent Chief Minister during his election campaign. Ghosh asked Ms. Banerjee to wear 'bermudas' in order to display her plastered leg.[294] Not only that, later on he even defended his bermuda remark.[295] Prime Minister Modi’s use of ‘Didi-O-Didi’ for Mamata Banerjee didn’t go down well with netizens.[296] Mahua Moitra countered those words of the PM by "Modi Go Modi"[297] and later on said that the PM was acting like a "street-side fellow".[298][299][300] Although the tone of the ‘Didi O Didi’ was called out as ‘mocking’ and an ‘insult to women of the state’ since the very first time it was used in 2021 rallies, by the TMC, PM Modi continued to use the phrase.[301][302]

Counting of votes was done on 2 May. All eyes were set on the updates of high-voltage Nandigram constituency. 17 rounds of counting was to be done before declaring the winner. 'Mamata Bandyopadhyay had earlier alleged that rigging had taken place in at least 10 booths in Nandigram. Naturally the Trinamool agents at the counting centre were cautious enough. (Source: প্রতিদিন 03-05-2021, page no. 8, Headline= হাড্ডাহাড্ডি লড়াইয়ে নন্দীগ্রামে 'জয়ী' শুভেন্দু | পুনর্গণনা খারিজ, কোর্টে তৃণমূল)' 'Suvendu left Kanthi's 'Shantikunj' (residence of Adhikari family) with a convoy of central forces at around 10 am on that day. However, he did not go to Haldia's counting centre. Mamata was also in Kolkata. [Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম (continuation of জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম from page no. 1)]' Mamata Banerjee was trailing in initial rounds. She was on the back foot in the counting of postal ballots which indicated that the TMC had failed to get the support of a large section of state government employees and could not gain the trust of the workers of that region [Source: যুগশঙ্খ 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম শুভেন্দুরই (continuation of নন্দীগ্রাম শুভেন্দুরই | দিনভর হাড্ডাহাড্ডি লড়াইয়ের পর ১,৭৩৬ ভোটে জয় from page no.1)]. In the 16th round, when the counting of votes in Gokulnagar panchayat area started, Mamata fell behind again. [Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম (continuation of জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম from page no. 1)] According to one source, Mamata was behind by only 6 votes at the end of 16th round[303] but according to another source (and also EC's official data which was later shared by Suvendu on Twitter and by EC on their website[304]), Banerjee had a lead of 820 votes as the final round of counting began.[305] 'After the 16th round, the counting of 17th round was delayed by an hour. According to the staffs involved in the counting, postal ballots were being counted at that time. At one point in the middle of the seventeenth round, it came to be known that Mamata had won. Though at the end of that round, it was seen that Suvendu had defeated (his) former party leader by approximately 1,956 votes. Then Suvendu himself claimed to a press media, "I've won." [Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম (continuation of জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম from page no. 1)]' 'Then began the 17th, i.e. the last round. The controversy also started after that. Both sides continued to claim that the Nandigram centre is actually theirs. Security was beefed up in the vicinity of the Haldia counting centre amid fears of unrest. [Source: এই সময় 03-05-2021, page no. 7, Headline= 'সুপার ওভারে' (continuation of 'সুপার ওভারে' শুভেন্দুর জয়েও বিতর্ক নন্দীগ্রামে from page no. 1)]' Union Ministers Rajnath Singh and Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated Mamata Banerjee on Twitter for her party's victory.[306][307] While TMC was leading in West Bengal, Prashant Kishor made the announcement of quitting the profession of election strategist. Talking about his experience in Bengal, Kishor said that the campaigning was made difficult due to Election Commission's bias and the TMC went through "hell" to fight the propaganda built by the BJP to showcase that it was winning. "EC is working like the extension of the BJP," said Kishor.[308][309] At 4:25 pm ANI announced that Mamata Banejee had defeated Suvendu Adhikari by a margin of over 1,200 votes[310][311][312][313] and following ANI's lead, almost all news channels began reporting Banerjee’s victory.[314] But even after that news came, Suvendu was seen sitting inside the counting centre [Source: যুগশঙ্খ 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম শুভেন্দুরই (continuation of নন্দীগ্রাম শুভেন্দুরই | দিনভর হাড্ডাহাড্ডি লড়াইয়ের পর ১,৭৩৬ ভোটে জয় from page no. 1)]. Jay Prakash Majumdar, Vice President of BJP West Bengal, said to the press "Suvendu Adhikari has given a tough fight to the Chief Minister of Bengal. For this, he deserves applause."[315] At 4:50 pm Kolkata TV displayed that Ms Banerjee had won Nandigram constituency by a larger margin of 3,717 votes.[316] After winning Nandigram, Mamata Banerjee walked outside her residence and told her supporters, "I request all to not take out victory processions. I urge everyone to go back to their homes now. I would like to thank everyone. This is the victory of Bengal's people and Bengal. Only Bengal can (achieve such a feat)."[317][318][319] Jay Prakash congratulated Ms Banerjee from BJP's press conference.[320][321] Within ten minutes of the news of Mamata's victory being broadcast, however, the Suvendu camp counter-claimed that the BJP candidate had won by 1,653 votes after a final count of 17 rounds (Source: এই সময় 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= 'সুপার ওভারে' শুভেন্দুর জয়েও বিতর্ক নন্দীগ্রামে) [According to another sources, Suvendu's winning margin was 1,956 (Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম) or 1,622[322] or 1,953[323]]. When contacted, Suvendu told Anandabazar Digital over the phone, "I have won by 1,622 votes." However, without postal ballots, Suvendu's margin of victory with Mamata was of 9,787 votes.[324][325][304] Amit Malviya tweeted "BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari wins by 1,622 votes."[326][327] Mamata Banerjee, in her first press conference post victory, announced that TMC will celebrate their victory at Brigade after covid situation improves.[328] She made a request to the Central Government to give free vaccines to all and also alerted that if they doesn't do this, she will start her nonviolent movement in front of Gandhi Statue. "I am proud to say that Bengal saved the country" she said. "Election Commission fought with us just like a BJP spokesperson. When I raised the issue for Nandigram, you didn't belive that how they looted (votes). They (EC) have shut down the server (at Nandigram) for about three hours, they announced the victory and after that they are saying something else. Some cheating is going on. We will fight this in the Court. We will file a case and fight for this. That's only one seat and we don't mind for that because Bengal won the match. Don't worry for Nandigram, for a struggle you have to sacrifice something. I struggled for Nandigram because I fought a movement. It’s okay. Let the Nandigram people give me whatever verdict they want, I'll accept that. All it matters that we gained landslide victory and BJP has lost the election.”[329][330][331][332][333] (An election petition calling in question an election shall be filed in the High Court of the particular state in which the election was conducted within the time period of forty-five days from the date of declaration of results.[334] It is worth mentioning here that Rajesh Bindal, the Acting Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court is known as a hardcore RSS sympathiser[335] and was part of Haryana RSS cadre[336].) 'After this statement of the Chief Minister, the war of nerves went on for a long time. Counter pressure was created from the Trinamool camp for recount. (Source: এই সময় 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= 'সুপার ওভারে' শুভেন্দুর জয়েও বিতর্ক নন্দীগ্রামে)' At 6:35 pm her party TMC tweeted "The counting process for Nandigram has not been completed. Please do not speculate."[337] Speaking to Bengali news channel ABP Ananda over telephone Banerjee repeated her polltime claim that BJP had blocked voters in Nandigram and the Election Commission had aided the party in this attempt. "CRPF tortured people in many villages. After watching Nandigram, I have said many times in rallies that they looted votes by posting officers of their choice. Many machines were tampered. After declaring victory 3-4 times they backed out. The server was kept down for 4 hours." She also said that outsiders in the state added to its COVID-19 worries.[338][339][340] The Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika reported that the Election Commission had decided to keep off the announcement on the results in Nandigram, not ruling out a complete recount.[341] “The decision will be taken by the Returning Officer,” Chief Electoral Officer Aariz Aftab said.[342] Shortly afterwards, the commission announced at mike the final results in front of everyone present at the counting centre in Haldia (Source: এই সময় 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= 'সুপার ওভারে' শুভেন্দুর জয়েও বিতর্ক নন্দীগ্রামে) [At around 7:30 pm the returning officer said that in Nandigram, Suvendu Adhikari has got 1,09,673 votes, Trinamool Supremo Mamata Bandyopadhyay has got 1,07,937 votes, Sanyukta Morcha supported Minakshi Mukhopadhyay has got 6,198 votes. (Source: প্রতিদিন 03-05-2021, page no. 8, Headline= হাড্ডাহাড্ডি লড়াইয়ে নন্দীগ্রামে 'জয়ী' শুভেন্দু | পুনর্গণনা খারিজ, কোর্টে তৃণমূল)]. Posting the result sheet of the 17th round, Suvendu Adhikari declared himself winner on Twitter at 7:53 pm.[343][344][345] A delegation of TMC leaders Derek O’Brien, Kalyan Banerjee, Firhad Hakim and Atin Ghosh went to the office of Election Commission in demand of recounting in Nandigram and submitted a letter to the Commission alleging fraud in the Nandigram count.[346][347][348] The Trinamool refused to sign the final result sheet of Nandigram. 'The district magistrate and superintendent of police also appeared at the counting centre of Haldia. [Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম (continuation of জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম from page no. 1)]' Smita Pandey, DM of East Midnapore, said "The Returning Officer ruled out the recount decision." (Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম) By 10:55 pm, EC website's official data showed Suvendu Adhikari had won. The Commission rejected the recount demand for Nandigram. The Returning Officer also agreed with the Commission in this regard.[349] 'The Trinamool leadership was hopeful that in the midst of huge victory across the state, this seat will also come out victorious and the circle will be complete. Soumen Mahapatra, District President of TMC in East Midnapore, said "Billions (কোটি কোটি) of rupees were spent to stop Mamata Bandyopadhyay in Nandigram. But in the end the evil force will be destroyed." [Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম (continuation of জয়ের মুকুটে 'কাঁটা' নন্দীগ্রাম from page no. 1)]' 'Going to the last round, the speed of counting halted abruptly. Anxious people started losing patience. Postal ballots were counted before the last round. After the postal ballot count, Mamata Banerjee was leading with 596 votes. Meanwhile, concerns were growing about when the 17th round will begin. The counting of the last round started at 6:30 pm. At the end of a fierce battle, Suvendu Adhikari won by 1,736 votes. But with this result, tensions arose again. The results were announced one hour after the counting ended. After the announcement of results, the Trinamool demanded a recount. District Magistrate Smita Pandey and Superintendent of Police Sunil Yadav came to the counting centre to hold a meeting on the issue. Although there was no public announcement about the recount, the staffs at the counting centre left at about 9:30pm. (Source: বর্তমান 03-05-2021, page no. 13, Headline= নন্দীগ্রামে দিনভর টানাপোড়েন)' 'Extreme confusion and anger over the results of Nandigram polls. Despite being declared the 'winner', Mamata Banerjee lost. The Trinamool Congress has approached the Election Commission after the Returning Officer rejected the recount demand. In addition to demanding recounts, various problems and inconsistent aspects of the counting process were highlighted. For example, the counting process was stalled from time-to-time, which was not reported by the commission; there has been tampering and mismanagement of numbers from the EVM; invalid votes in favour of BJP have been counted; valid votes cast in favour of the other side (i.e. TMC) have not been counted; there were inconsistencies in the counting of postal ballot. (Source: আজকাল 03-05-2021, page no. 1, Headline= নন্দীগ্রাম নিয়ে কমিশনে তৃণমূল) On that night, Derek O'Brien, Firhad Hakim, Kalyan Banerjee and Atin Ghosh went to the West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer of the Election Commission on behalf of the Trinamool Congress. They requested in writing to recount the votes of Nandigram Centre with postal ballots. They complained that Mamata Banerjee's demand for a recount was refused by the Returning Officer 'for reasons unknown', which is not good at all in the eyes of the law. [Source: আজকাল 03-05-2021, page no. 9, Headline= কমিশনে তৃণমূল (continuation of নন্দীগ্রাম নিয়ে কমিশনে তৃণমূল from page no. 1)]'

Counting trends as per some Bengali daily newspapers: বর্তমান (page no. 13): The counting of votes for Nandigram Assembly started from Boyal Gram Panchayat area of ​​Nandigram-II block. In the first round, Trinamool Congress candidate Mamata Banerjee was trailing by 1,497 votes. In the second round that gap increased to 4,957; in the third round it exceeded 8,000 and the party supporters got a little depressed. One round after another is advancing, a fierce battle is going on. Suvendu's lead in the tenth round was 10,379. In 11th round it increased to 10,998. The wheel starts turning from 12th round. At the end of that round of counting, Mamata Banerjee went ahead. At the end of 13 rounds, she went ahead with 4,392 votes. At the end of 16 rounds, she is ahead with 820 votes. আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা: (page no.1) Sunday 9:15 a.m. News of Trinamool candidates leading across the state has started coming. However, the eye-cathing centre in Nandigram caught the opposite trend. In the first round, Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee was trailing by nearly 2,000 votes. Third, fifth, eighth - as more rounds rolled, Mamata had lagged behind. At one time the gap was more than 10 thousand. From the eleventh round the game began to turn. Gradually, the gap of BJP candidate Suvendu's lead began getting narrow. Mamata got the lead for the first time in the thirteenth round - by 1,341 votes. Like the T20 Super Over, the nerve-wracking battle continues. Sometimes Mamata is ahead by 321 votes, sometimes Suvendu has a 'lead' of 6 votes. At the end of the last 17th round, Suvendu was leading by 1,956 votes. (page no. 6) In the 16th round, when the counting of votes in Gokulnagar panchayat area started, Mamata fell behind again. However, at the end of counting of that round, it is seen that the Trinamool Supremo was ahead with 820 votes. প্রতিদিন: (page no. 1, মেয়ের কাছেই বাংলা | মমতার হ্যাটট্রিক, বিজেপির স্বপ্নচূর্ণ, বাম-কংগ্রেস নিশ্চিহ্ন) Though making 213 candidates win by her own name, (Mamata) lost in Nandigram. The story is like that incense. Sublimate everyone by spreading the smell and burn to death on its own. On one hand, not being able to give (enough) time (for campaigning in Nandigram), intense polarization on the other. Suvendu Adhikari won by using that tool. However, the controversy culminated. A recount has been demanded. ......Advancing in postal ballot began to signal the big win of Trinamool. (page no. 5, মেয়ের কাছেই বাংলা, continued from page no. 1) Because, they have never won like this in postal ballot. এই সময়: (page no. 1) The beginning of all the confusion of the day revolved around an information sent by a news agency in the evening. Where it is claimed, Mamata Banerjee, who is going to be the Chief Minister for the third time, has won by 1,200 votes in that constituency. Noise spread around the ruling camp. They too were eagerly awaiting the victory of the Trinamool Supremo. Within ten minutes of the news, given by the news agency, being broadcast, however, the Suvendu camp counter-claimed that the BJP candidate had won by 1,653 votes after a final count of 17 rounds. Attacking and counterattacking (তরজা) also started with that. By that time, Mamata Banerjee had started a press conference after a huge victory at her house in Kalighat. ......Counter pressure was created from the Trinamool camp for recount. In the end Ariz Aftab, Chief Electoral Officer of the state, informed, the final decision would be made by the local returning officer himself. Shortly afterwards, the commission announced at mike the final results in front of everyone present at the counting centre in Haldia. According to that result, BJP candidate Svendu Adhikari has defeated Trinamool candidate Mamata Banerjee from Nandigram Constituency (কেন্দ্র) by 1,736 votes. (page no. 7) The list containing the results was also given to the media by the District Information Department. Shortly afterwards, a Trinamool delegation led by Firhad Hakim went to the Election Commission office in Kolkata and submitted a letter demanding re-election (correction: recount). ......After the first two rounds, the snake-ludo game started. At the end of the first round, BJP candidate Suvendu Adhikari was leading by 1,497 votes. In the second round, the gap widened in his favour to 4,957. It increased further to 7,498 in the third round. But the distance decreases by going to Garchakraberia, Samsabad and Satengabari areas. At the end of 15 rounds, it is seen that Mamata Banerjee has crossed the gap of about ten thousand and advanced by 3,800 votes. In 16th round, Suvendu reduced that lead again and went ahead by only 6 votes. Then began the 17th, i.e. the last round. যুগশঙ্খ: (page no. 1, করোনা রোখাই অগ্রাধিকার বললেন মমতা) On this day, after an equal fight in Nandigram, Mamata Banerjee lost and complained of rigging. She complained that it was necessary to look into how (she) lost even after getting the lead. She also said that she would apply to the Election Commission for review in this regard. On this day, after 17 rounds of EVM counting was over, Mamata took the lead of 1,200 votes. But after adding the ballot votes, it was seen that the winning candidate of that centre was BJP's Suvendu Adhikari. (page no. 6, করোনা রোখাই অগ্রাধিকার) He defeated his nearest rival Mamata Banerjee by 1,736 votes. And about that, Mamata brought the allegation of fraud. (page no. 1) BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari had the last laugh there (in Nandigram) after a tense and fierce battle. He defeated the Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee by a margin of 1,736 votes. From a long time before the Assembly elections, the most talked about topic was the fight of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee vs. Suvendu Adhikari. Discussions were going on everywhere about who would win in high voltage Nandigram. (page no. 6) However, shortly after the start of the counting on Sunday, it was seen that Suvendu Adhikari had slowly started leaving Mamata behind. Besides postal ballot, Suvendu was also making progress in EVM counting. At one time Suvendu's margin exceeded 10,000. Then there a huge excitement was seen on the faces of BJP workers and supporters. But after a while the situation changed. Suvendu's margin started decreasing gradually. Then Mamata Banerjee had started moving forward stepwise. It is noteworthy that 17 rounds of counting would determine who was going to win in Nandigram. After 15 rounds there, Mamata went ahead by 3,800 votes. Tension was created inside the counting centre. But after 16 rounds, Suvendu again left Mamata behind and went ahead by only 6 votes. The counting of the final stage began at this situation. Then, at around 5 pm, a report was received through the source of an all-India news agency that Mamata Banerjee had won in Nandigram by a margin of 1,200 votes. However, the Election Commission did not acknowledge the veracity of the news. But even after that news came, Suvendu was seen sitting inside the counting centre. Shortly afterwards, it was learned that Shuvendu Adhikari had taken the lead by 1,736 votes. With that, it was also informed that he was the one who won in Nandigram. ......It is noteworthy that Mamata's start in Nandigram has not been good since this morning. Most importantly, she lagged behind in the counting of postal ballot. In other words, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the administrative head of Nabanna, has failed to get the support of a large section of state government employees. She could not gain the trust of the workers of that section. This matter is undoubtedly quite significant.

In 2021, total number of voters in Nandigram Assembly was 2,57,156 (Male: 1,33,257; Female: 1,23,898; Third gender: 1). The voter turnout was calculated at 88.01% in 2021, 86.97% in 2016 and 88.35% in 2011.[350]

According to one source, the results of Nandigram Assembly Election 2021 were like this: Suvendu Adhikari (BJP) 1,10,764; Mamata Banerjee (TMC) 1,08,808; Minakshi Mukherjee (CPIM) 6,267; Swapan Parua (Independent/IND) 776; Sk Saddam Hossain (IND) 313; Manoj Kumar Das (SUCI) 240; Dipak Kumar Gayen (IND) 74; Subrata Bose (IND) 73; NOTA (None Of The Above) 1,090. Total 2,28,405. Winning Margin 1,956.[351][352]

But according to EC's final data[353][354], the results were like this: Suvendu Adhikari (BJP) 1,09,673; Mamata Banerjee (TMC) 1,07,937; Minakshi Mukherjee (CPIM) 6,198; Swapan Parua (IND) 773; Sk Saddam Hossain (IND) 310; Manoj Kumar Das (SUCI) 235; Dipak Kumar Gayen (IND) 74; Subrata Bose (IND) 72; NOTA 1,089. Total 2,26,361. Winning Margin 1,736. (Results at the end of the 16th round: Mamata Banerjee (TMC) 1,03,571; Suvendu Adhikari (BJP) 1,02,751; Minakshi Mukherjee (CPIM) 6,094; Swapan Parua (IND) 734; Sk Saddam Hossain (IND) 295; Manoj Kumar Das (SUCI) 215; Dipak Kumar Gayen (IND) 71; Subrata Bose (IND) 68; NOTA 1,026. Total 2,14,825.)

Though Suvendu Adhikari was officially declared winner in Nandigram by the Election Commission, he lost the battle to retain the so-called Adhikari stronghold. The TMC had practically won the whole of Medinipur. It was clear from the results of the 2021 election that the Adhikaris dominated the region at the mercy of the TMC. Out of 16 seats in East Midnapore, 9 went to the Trinamool. In West Midnapore, 13 out of 15 seats were occupied by TMC. In Jhargram, the ruling party won all of the 4 seats. The BJP had won only 2 of the 8 assembly seats in the Tamluk Lok Sabha constituency, from where Suvendu had previously won twice. Leaving Nandigram and Haldia, the Trinamool bagged the rest of it. It is worth mentioning that the incumbent MP from Tamluk Lok Sabha constituency is Dibyendu Adhikari, the brother of Suvendu Adhikari.[355][356] Not only that but the saffron party was practically lagging behind TMC in the booth (booth no. 83 of ward no. 15 of Kanthi municipality) of Kanthi in East Midnapore where the members of the Adhikari family cast their votes. According to the data released by the Commission, the BJP was trailing behind the Trinamool Congress by not one or two, but 54 votes. This data was enough to further increase the frustration of the BJP leadership, according to political observers.[357]

'According to Commission sources, the Returning Officer has all the power to order recount of votes, according to the law. He can talk to the observer if he thinks. In such case, the Election Commission has no responsibility. [Source: এই সময় 04-05-2021, page no. 2, Headline = কারচুপি হয়েছে নন্দীগ্রামে: মমতা (continuation of 'রিটার্নিং অফিসারকে সপরিবার প্রাণনাশের হুমকি' | কারচুপি হয়েছে নন্দীগ্রামে: মমতা from page no. 1)]' Speaking to mediapersons at her Kalighat office on 3 May, Mamata Banerjee said that she received an SMS by 11 pm on previous night. The returning officer of Nandigram had written this message to one of his acquaintances (whose identity she didn't disclose). She called a person to read it loud. It read "Sir It is not my preview (probably a mistake for 'purview'). Sir, plz save me. My family will ruin. I have no other option but to commit suicide. Life threat is coming. I may be murdered. I had nothing to do. Plz forgive me. I have a little daughter." After it was read, Ms Banerjee said "The returning officer says if he orders a recount, his life could be at stake. Do you understand what that means, what happened there? Same result everywhere. And in one place, eight thousand votes suddenly became zero! The server (of EC) was down for four hours. Then there was forty minutes of load shedding. The machine (EVM) was changed. Has done a lot. What is there to fear if a recount was demanded? Anyone can officially demand for a recount. Why the Election Commission did not order for recount? What is their interest? You have seen the deadly words of the recounting officer that he had to work at the gun point. He could not work because he had life threat. What is this? Every reporter had seen and announced (my victory), the Election Commission had announced, the Governor called me (to congratulate). Then everything turned upside down! I have never seen such 'mafiagiri'. Anyway, we want it to be judged. We will definitely move to the Court. Our party workers have started a movement (in Nandigram). EC has to give in writing that EVMs, VVPAT ,postal ballots should be kept in a separate place so that the EVMs don't get tampered and if those had been tampered, there will be a forensic audit. Until those are kept in separate custody, their movement will contiue." She also said that the two observers sitting there (inside the counting centre) were very biased and their aim was to defeat her anyhow. Mamata also took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging he did not call to congratulate her on the TMC’s win. Mamata said, "This is the first time a prime minister did not call."[358][359][360][361][362] Akhil Giri said "The result of Nandigram is a pre-planned conspiracy. That will be proved. If our demand is not fulfilled then there will be legal battle."[363]

The Election Commission wrote a fresh letter to the West Bengal chief secretary directing to take all appropriate measures to keep a strict watch and monitor on a regular basis the security provided to the returning officer of Nandigram. The EC has also asked that the officer should also be extended appropriate medical support and counselling. The West Bengal government informed the EC that it has, on the latter's directions, provided security to the officer both in person, with two personal security officers assigned for the job, and at his home. The EC clarified that the “returning officer appointed by the poll panel is the final authority under the law” to decide on recounting at Nandigram Assembly constituency, "Since the returning officer has rejected the recount decision, there will be no new recount. That verdict can now be challenged only in the court." Trinamool MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy had spoken out against the commission's decision. He said "The Election Commission is now trying to cover the fish with vegetables (i.e. to hide in a superficial way). Our question is, how was the server down for four hours? Why was the counting of votes stopped for two hours? Why did the postal ballot counting suddenly start in the midway? The commission says the agents have signed the document after each round of counting, we will verify that." He said "If anyone's life is in danger, the administration will look into that matter. The administration will take appropriate steps in that regard. In that case political party has nothing to do. But the commission is talking so much on Tuesday. Until Monday night, providing security was the responsibility of the Election Commission." Udit Raj, former Lok Sabha MP and Dalit Congress leader of Delhi, pointed a finger directly at the EC. He wrote on Twitter "Even after Mamata Bandyopadhyay had won, the Election Commission made her lose. The Commission did exactly the same in Bihar. By losing in Bengal, our Congress saved the whole country." Replying to a question Shaktisinh Gohil, Rajya Sabha MP and national spokesperson of Congress, said at the AICC press conference "Sita, despite being 'Sati Mātā' (virtuous/chaste), had passed through the ordeal of fire on the demands of the people. Then why the Election Commission will not? Overall rigging may not be possible. But it can happen in some places. So while allegations of fraud are being made against the Commission in Nandigram, then why not recount to prove their neutrality? It means there is a mess. The Comission must pass through the fire ordeal on public demand." The Gujarat Congress leader further said "Not only Nandigram, allegations of rigging were raised in many elections in the past. Therefore, the Supreme Court should initiate Suo Moto case in such incidents."[364][365][366][367][368][369][370]

In the meantime a recorded phone call got leaked. Pralay Pal, a BJP leader of Nandigram was at one end of the audio and at another end was Suvendu Adhikari. Pralay Pal admitted that he had talked to Mr. Suvendu over the phone to inform him about the violence that followed the election results. However, he claimed that he did not leak the audio. After the results were announced on Sunday, the mobiles of several leaders of Nandigram, close to Suvendu Adhikari, were switched off on Monday. Meanwhile, clashes took place in various zones since Monday morning. Mr. Pralay necessarily called Suvendu as he could not communicate with the leaders close to Suvendu. Even in that situation, Suvendu Adhikari could be heard laughing over the phone. He expressed anger over why Hindus did not vote for the BJP in alliance. 'Will Mr. Suvendu decide whom the Hindu community should vote for? Or has the BJP taken the contract of Hinduism?' asked many as the audio surfaced. It was also known from the audio that Suvendu keeps militants. A part of the audio is like this - Pralay: "The Hindus of Kendemari roughly voted for us." Suvendu: "Still there is five thousand lead in Kendemari." Pralay: "Yes they have taken (the lead)." Suvendu: "Let our militants stay here for 15 days/one month. Now there is nothing (that they have to do). I will arrange for them to stay and eat. Tell them to come with clothes, towels. Let them stay with me for one month."[371][372][373]

Since Suvendu was declared winner, TMC workers had started protesting outside the counting centre. The area was heated up as soon as the BJP candidate reached the counting centre in Haldia from Kolaghat Guest House to pick up his certificate on Sunday evening [around 9:30 pm (Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= 'আক্রান্ত' শুভেন্দু)].[374][375] Trinamool supporters staged a massive protest surrounding Suvendu's car after seeing him. Central Forces were protecting Suvendu's car while it took a round turn and left the area. 'It is alleged that a group of locals attacked his vehicle as soon as he went to the Sub-Divisional Governor's office. His car was quickly taken inside the sub-divisional office. Allegedly, the glass of Suvendu's car was broken in the attack. Car of his convoy was also damaged. "It was a spontaneous reaction of the people. Suvendu has deceived the people of Haldia. So he has faced the wrath of common people," the Trinamool remarked. (Source: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= 'আক্রান্ত' শুভেন্দু)' TMC workers alleged that the couting was stopped for 3 hours, the result was overturned after power cut and their agent was beaten up and expelled (from the counting centre) by the central force (or miscreants brought by Suvendu Adhikari).[376][349] From the night of 2 May TMC workers and supporters started dharna in front of SDO Office at Manjushree crossing in Haldia demanding recount in Nandigram. Hundreds of policemen and central troops were deployed around the counting centre. "We will continue our sit-down strike until the EC gives order for recounting. If police touches anyone then the intensity of the sit-down strike will take another level" said Suprakash Giri. "The EC was biased from day one. When BJP demanded a recount in Moyna, an assembly constituency next to ours, the votes were counted again last night. And then the TMC candidate lost. However, the EC didn't listen to our request for recount in Nandigram."[377][378][379] On 5 May TMC held a all-day long dharna in Bagmari at the junction of Beleghata and Maniktala constituencies demanding recount in Nandigram. Kunal Ghosh was present on the dharna manch.[380][381] In Nandigram, staunch TMC leaders and supporters didn't allowed to take the EVMs out of Haldia counting centre. On the night of 5 May when on-duty Central Force personnel and the police tried to bring those EVMs out they had an altercation with protesting TMC workers. Allegedly baton charge was launched at protesters after that. Trinamool leaders blocked the road at the Manjushree crossing for an hour on next day morning, accusing the central forces of attacking them. The newly-appointed district magistrate Purnendu Kumar Maji came to the spot to talk with the TMC activists. He promised to keep the EVMs in a safe place. TMC activists-supporters lifted the blockade after receiving assurance that the counting would be done again if ordered. They came forward to get the EVM machines out from the counting centre of Haldia Govt. Sponsored High School. Trunk number 33, loaded with six EVMs was found unlocked. Police immediately confiscated those EVMs. Naturally question arose if those EVMs had been replaced during counting. Sheikh Azgar Ali, Vice-President of the District Trinamool Youth Congress, said "The box contained EVMs of 10 booths in Gokulnagar Gram Panchayat area. The EVMs were sealed. But it only has the signature of the BJP's counting agent, not the signature of the TMC's agent. Mamata Banerjee had advanced by 8,000 votes before the counting of votes of the booths in Gokulnagar." The SDO said "EVMs are stored in the strongroom for up to 45 days after the count. A box without a lock came into notice. Trinamool has complained to the Returning Officer." 12 uncounted EVMs, all of them filled with votes were also recovered from the counting centre after the new district magistrate and SP took charge. These EVMs were used in several booths in the minority inhabited Samsabad area of Nandigram. On the day of counting, the power supply to the counting centre was cut off for about 40 minutes and it is feared that EVMs had been replaced at that time. TMC alleged that EVMs were replaced with the help of Suvendu's close police officer and the Election Commission. Around 11:30 am the sealed containers, loaded with EVMs and postal ballots were taken to the permanent strong room of the ADM office under the security of the Central Forces and in the presence of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (ADM) Abneet Punia.[382][383][384][385][386][387]

On 5 May the BJP held nationwide dharna.[388] Rupa Bhattacharjee, BJP's celebrity member, mocked her party leaders by tweeting "State leaders are giving dharna in cold rooms."[389][390][391] Suvendu said from dharna manch "Even if we could not form the government, we would have get more than 100 seats." He added that the Election Commission had completely 'failed' in the counting of votes and he would move to court demanding recount of 'all' EVMs. This was the first time when a BJP leader lodged a complaint against the commission.[392] Later on Dilip Ghosh announced that they will move to court for recount in seats lost by less than 2,000 votes. "Recounting does not happen because they have lost by two thousand votes. There should be allegations of irregularities in the counting", Sovandeb Chattopadhyay said regarding this. According to well-informed circles, BJP is thinking of moving to court after all the oath-takings of MLAs to cabinet are done because they (BJP) could not digest their defeat and these are just counter-pressure strategies.[393][394]

On 6 May a section of the media got into a scuffle with the security guards of Suvendu Adhikari while he was leaving the assembly.[395] As a result, the entry of central force into West Bengal Assembly was banned from next day.[396]

On 11 May an organisation named Bengal Citizens Forum filed a complaint at Amherst Street Police Station against Suvendu Adhikari for calling Mamata Banerjee 'begum' and trying to spread communal hatred.[397]

Banashree Khara, mother of minister Seuli Saha and Nandigram panchayat chief, was accused of being part of the conspiracy to defeat Mamata Banerjee. Banashree resigned as panchayat chief on 12 May citing physical illness. 11 TMC members of the gram panchayat filed a no-confidence motion against her at the BDO office of Nandigram I block on the same day. The total number of members of that panchayat is 13. Besides Banasree, his son Sudip Khara was also an elected member of the gram panchayat. However, he was removed during the announcement of the party's candidate for alleged collusion with the BJP. Banasree Devi said that she is with the party and also expressed happiness over her daughter becoming a minister. No confidence had also been brought against Swadesh Das Adhikari (a resident of Gokulnagar and close aide of Suvendu Adhikari), Fisheries Supervisor of Nandigram I block; Bapi Khuti, panchayat food chief of Daudpur region; and Shanwar Ali Shah, deputy chief of Kendemari gram panchayat, for allegedly working for BJP candidate Shuvendu Adhikari in the Assembly polls and the party instructed each of them to resign.[398][399][400][401][402] Regarding the party's no confidence motion against her mother, Seuli Saha said "I will not say anything publicly about the politics of Nandigram. However, the real truth will come out in due course."[403]

On 5 June, Yashwant Sinha alleged that the Election Commission is eager to stop Mamata Banerjee and they will obstruct the by-elections. He wrote on Twitter "A little bird tells me that the Election Commission will not hold any election for the next few months so that Mamataji does not enter the assembly within 6 months."[404]



After the announcement of results, post-poll violence broke out in the state. The BJP claimed at least six of its' workers were killed during attacks by workers of the ruling Trinamool Congress.[405] The governor summoned the Director of General Police and Kolkata Police Commissioner to discuss the situation.[406] By 4 May allegedly around 11 opposition party workers were killed.[407] The CPI (M) and Congress alleged their workers had also been attacked by the TMC.[408][409] Till 5 May five supporters of the TMC were killed in post-poll violence.[410]

Union Ministry of Home Affairs sought a report from the Government of West Bengal over incidents of post-election brutality against opposition political workers in the state.[411]

Udayan Guha, TMC candidate from Dinhata and former Dinhata MLA was attacked by miscreants in Dinhata on 6 May. Guha suffered a hand fracture and other injuries.[412] TMC blamed goons shelterd by BJP for this attack. FIR was lodged against 15 men and among them 4 were arrested till 10 May.[413]

BJP leaders Mithun Chakraborty, Dilip Ghosh, Sayantan Basu and Rahul Sinha made provocative remarks while Model Code of Conduct was in force, which created grounds for violence.[410][414][415][416] On 12 April, Dilip Ghosh also said "The police have to work under our feet."[417] After the election, Kolkata Police lodged FIR against Dilip Ghosh and Mithun Chakraborty for promoting enmity.[418] Kolkata Police also registered a case against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut for allegedly instigating communal disharmony.[419][420]

On 5 May, after taking oath as the Chief Minister for third term, Mamata Banerjee reinstated state police officers who were transferred by the Election Commission.[421][422] In some areas TMC leaders and workers came to the rescue of BJP workers.[423][424][425][426][427][428] On 10 May, a five-judge special bench of Calcutta High Court expressed satisfaction over the action taken by the newly formed Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal to restore normality after post-results violence in pockets of the state.[429][430][431][432]

Misinformation on social media was used to confuse political violence with communal violence.[433][434][435][436][437][438][439][440][441][442] Bengal Police and CID arrested some men for spreading fake news.[443][444]

Government formation

Mamata Banerjee took oath as the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third time on 5 May 2021 at the Raj Bhawan in Kolkata.[445] She expanded the cabinet on 10 May 2021 when 43 TMC leaders were sworn in as ministers.[446] 17 new faces were there in the Third Banerjee ministry and out of 44 nine were women including the Chief Minister herself which was a record in the history of West Bengal post independence.[447][448]

Vacant seats and bye-election

TMC candidate Kajal Sinha from Khardaha constituency died due to COVID-19 infection after the polling but before the results of the state assembly elections were announced.[449] The Election Commission of India deferred the elections to two assembly seats in West Bengal in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The polling had been earlier rescheduled to 16 May 2021 due to the death of two contestants from Samserganj and Jangipur constituencies.[450] Mocking this decision, the TMC said "The Election Commission, though late, finally woke up. But when demands were made repeatedly to arrange the election in one day by combining 2-3 phases, then they remained silent."[451] Two BJP MLAs - Nisith Pramanik from Dinhata and Jaganath Sarkar from Santipur constituencies - resigned from the membership of the state assembly after the election results as they were sitting MPs from Cooch Behar and Ranaghat, respectively, and wanted to continue as MPs.[452] TMC MLA Sovandeb Chattopadhyay from Bhabanipur constituency resigned after the election to allow Mamata Banerjee to contest a by-election from this constituency.[453]

Reactions and analysis

The result of the election had shocked people across the country. Opinion polls and Exit Polls all were predicting a tight race between the TMC and BJP and with average pollsters predicting TMC around 150 and for BJP 140 with remaining for Morcha. However for the result TMC stunned by crossing 200 again and for winning more seats than before and BJP even though making significant gains had an overall disappointing performance (compared to 2019 election where they were on the front foot in 121 assembly seats). The report of Organiser, RSS mouthpiece, noted “If we compare with 2019 situations, there are 65 seats where BJP won in both elections, 12 seats where BJP lost in 2019 but won in 2021 but 56 seats where BJP won in 2019 and now lost in 2021.”[454][455] Many opposition leaders and Chief Ministers from other states congratulated TMC for the stunning victory and showed on how the Saffron wave can be restricted.[456][457][458][459][460][461][462][463][464][465][466][467][468][469] According to many analysts the seats that Morcha (INC-CPI) alliance won in 2016 went to BJP, with TMC having a high retaining rate. In addition TMC victory contributes to the party's terrific performance in the presidency area while BJP loss was attributed to the party's poor performance on the Jalpaiguri division and the Medinipur division as the party was expected to sweep these districts.

Mamata Banerjee has shown India that no victory is impossible.[470]

In the last Lok Sabha polls, the postal ballots had gone in favour of the BJP, but this time the support of the government employees have returned to the Trinamool. The verdict of the postal ballots, i.e. the verdict of the government employees, usually goes against the ruling party, but this time the verdict of the 2021 assembly election has changed that perception (Source: এই সময় 03-05-2021, page no. 6, Headline= পোস্টাল ব্যালটে জোড়াফুলেই ফেরত সরকারি কর্মীরা).

It is worth mentioning here that the slogans 'Joy Hind; Joy Bangla' (Victory to India; Victory to Bengal), 'Bangla Nijer Meyekei Chay' (Bengal wants its own daughter) and 'Khela Hobe' (the game is on), used by Trinamool Congress in their election campaigns, proved to be highly successful. Debangshu Bhattacharya, Trinamool spokesperson and General Secretary of Trinamool Youth Congress, had composed a song titled 'Khela Hobe'[471] and its DJ version[472][473] went viral on the internet. The TMC had officially lauched its campaign slogan 'Bangla Nijer Meyekei Chay' on 20 February.[474][475][476][477]

Suvendu Adhikari was elected as Leader of Opposition in West Bengal Legislative Assembly on 10 May 2021.[478]

The outcome of the West Bengal assembly polls has many firsts. The average winning margin of all the candidates in this election stands out at a record 26,964 votes, while the same for Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidates is 31,760 votes. This is the highest-ever average winning margin clocked by any party, in any assembly election in India after Independence. This victory was achieved against the BJP, which is believed to have the best election machinery in India.[479]

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