2020 Summer Olympics medal table

2020 Summer Olympics medals
LocationTokyo,  Japan
Most gold medals United States (39)
Most total medals United States (113)
Medal achievements of each team during the 2020 Summer Olympics.[Note 1]
   Participants that won at least one gold medal
   Participants that won at least one silver medal (and no gold medals)
   Participants that won at least one bronze medal (and no gold or silver medals)
   Participants that did not win any medals
   Countries and territories that did not participate
The number of the total medals of each team during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The following medal table is a list of 92 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and one non-NOC team ranked by the number of gold medals won by their athletes during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

Bermuda,[1] the Philippines[2] and Qatar[3] won their first-ever Olympic gold medals, while Burkina Faso[4] San Marino,[5] and Turkmenistan[6] won their first-ever medals. In addition, North Macedonia won its first-ever silver medal, having previously received one bronze medal.[7]

A total of 93 nation teams won medals, breaking the previous record of 87 from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics. Furthermore, 65 nations won at least one gold medal, also breaking the record established at the Rio games. The United States won the most gold medals, as well as the most overall medals. Host Japan finished 3rd with 27 gold medals.


The design for the Olympic medals for the 2020 Summer Olympics was created by Junichi Kawanishi. The medals were manufactured using metal extracted from recycled small electronic devices donated by the public. The ribbon uses the traditional Japanese design motifs found in ichimatsu moyo, a harmonised chequered pattern, and kasane no irome, a traditional kimono layering technique, in a modern presentation. The case is manufactured from Japanese ash wood dyed with the same colour as the Olympic emblem. The circular lid and the body of the case can be opened like a ring connected by a magnet.[8] The obverse of the medals features Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, in front of Panathenaic Stadium and the Olympic rings.[9]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes were presented with their medals on trays, and were asked to put them on themselves (or each other, in case of team winners), rather than having them placed around their necks by a dignitary.[10]

Medal table

This is the table of the medal count of the 2020 Summer Olympics, based on the medal count of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). These rankings sort by the number of gold medals earned by a National Olympic Committee (NOC). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If, after the above, countries are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically by IOC Country Code. Although this information is provided by the IOC, the IOC itself does not recognize or endorse any ranking system.[11]

The 2020 Summer Olympic program featured 33 sports with 50 disciplines, and a total of 339 events, resulting in 339 sets of medals being distributed.

Two gold medals were awarded for a first-place tie in the men's high jump athletics event. No silver medal was awarded as a result.[12]

In boxing (13 events), judo (15 events), karate (8 events), taekwondo (8 events), and wrestling (18 events), two bronze medals are awarded in each event, for an additional 62 bronze medals. Also, two bronze medals were awarded for a third-place tie in the women's floor gymnastics event, for a total of 63 additional bronze medals.

The medalists of the Women's 48 kg judo event
Vincent Hancock gold medalist in the men's skeet
The medalists of the Women's 10 metre air pistol shooting event

  *   Nation of host city

2020 Summer Olympics medal table[13]
1 United States (USA)394133113
2 China (CHN)38321888
3 Japan (JPN)*27141758
4 Great Britain (GBR)22212265
5 ROC (ROC)20282371
6 Australia (AUS)1772246
7 Netherlands (NED)10121436
8 France (FRA)10121133
9 Germany (GER)10111637
10 Italy (ITA)10102040
11 Canada (CAN)761124
12 Brazil (BRA)76821
13 New Zealand (NZL)76720
14 Cuba (CUB)73515
15 Hungary (HUN)67720
16 South Korea (KOR)641020
17 Poland (POL)45514
18 Czech Republic (CZE)44311
19 Kenya (KEN)44210
20 Norway (NOR)4228
21 Jamaica (JAM)4149
22 Spain (ESP)38617
23 Sweden (SWE)3609
24 Switzerland (SUI)34613
25 Denmark (DEN)34411
26 Croatia (CRO)3328
27 Iran (IRI)3227
28 Serbia (SRB)3159
29 Belgium (BEL)3137
30 Bulgaria (BUL)3126
31 Slovenia (SLO)3115
32 Uzbekistan (UZB)3025
33 Georgia (GEO)2518
34 Chinese Taipei (TPE)24612
35 Turkey (TUR)22913
36 Greece (GRE)2114
 Uganda (UGA)2114
38 Ecuador (ECU)2103
39 Ireland (IRL)2024
 Israel (ISR)2024
41 Qatar (QAT)2013
42 Bahamas (BAH)2002
 Kosovo (KOS)2002
44 Ukraine (UKR)161219
45 Belarus (BLR)1337
46 Romania (ROU)1304
 Venezuela (VEN)1304
48 India (IND)1247
49 Hong Kong (HKG)1236
50 Philippines (PHI)1214
 Slovakia (SVK)1214
52 South Africa (RSA)1203
53 Austria (AUT)1157
54 Egypt (EGY)1146
55 Indonesia (INA)1135
56 Ethiopia (ETH)1124
 Portugal (POR)1124
58 Tunisia (TUN)1102
59 Estonia (EST)1012
 Fiji (FIJ)1012
 Latvia (LAT)1012
 Thailand (THA)1012
63 Bermuda (BER)1001
 Morocco (MAR)1001
 Puerto Rico (PUR)1001
66 Colombia (COL)0415
67 Azerbaijan (AZE)0347
68 Dominican Republic (DOM)0325
69 Armenia (ARM)0224
70 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)0213
71 Mongolia (MGL)0134
72 Argentina (ARG)0123
 San Marino (SMR)0123
74 Jordan (JOR)0112
 Malaysia (MAS)0112
 Nigeria (NGR)0112
77 Bahrain (BRN)0101
 Lithuania (LTU)0101
 Namibia (NAM)0101
 North Macedonia (MKD)0101
 Saudi Arabia (KSA)0101
 Turkmenistan (TKM)0101
83 Kazakhstan (KAZ)0088
84 Mexico (MEX)0044
85 Finland (FIN)0022
86 Botswana (BOT)0011
 Burkina Faso (BUR)0011
 Ghana (GHA)0011
 Grenada (GRN)0011
 Ivory Coast (CIV)0011
 Kuwait (KUW)0011
 Moldova (MDA)0011
 Syria (SYR)0011
Totals (93 teams)3403384021080

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